Claiming back things against TAX


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Now with my limited non AGC brain my understanding is that items mandated for work can be claimed back against tax as work expenses.
So as we are in the Army we can claim back approx

1 x haircut a month (Approx £10) = £120
4 x Lrg Tins polish ( Approx £6) = £24
52 Razor Blades ( 1 per week about £1 each) = £52

All of this i understand as it is mandatory to be clean shaven, smart haircut and clean boots.

Here is the question - If my Bn is amalgamating and i have to purchase new uniform i.e Mess Dress, Service Dress etc can i claim the cost of these things back against tax ??
Answer -

If Commissioned you will get a Uniform grant to purchase said items.

If Non-Commissioned both Mess Dress and Service Dress are normally "voluntary" - extract from AGC Dress Regs:

(No 2 Dress) - WOs1 may wear officer's pattern at personal expense.

No 10 dress - is not provided at public expense and is therefore not compulsory!

I would think all Dress Regs are written along similar lines!

Regarding the start of your post many people have tried to claim haircuts, polish and razor blades against tax but I've never heard of anyone succeeding - someone may well know better if so please post details and we'll all bang a claim in