Claiming back money from JPA?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by David2008, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. How do I go about claiming back the 220 pound excess baggage charge it cost ME to get my kit from home to my new unit? by the way it was all military kit that i had no choice but to bring.

    Can I do this through the RAO or can I only do it through the JPA system?

    Just incase your wondering I do have a receipt for the charge, and would I have to wait months for it to go through?

  2. I don't know the clerky answer, but I know most of our lads have been told to jog on unless they can prove they needed the all of the military kit.
  3. What where they supposed to do with the stuff if they didn't take it with them?
  4. They will say that you should've sent it MFO.Only way is for some boss-type to state that the excess was authorised.Good luck.
  5. Use the military MFO system. The boxes would arrive at his new unit's QM store in 4 weeks or so. Tell the truth crow, you wanted to dress up for your family and give it big licks.
  6. How do you think singlies get their civvie kit such as a fridge, playstation 3, 42 inch TV to their new unit? It won't all fit in a sausage bag.
  7. One of my lads same sketch, didn't leave himself enough time to go through MFO, so took it home then when he next went on leave brought it all back with him on civi flight. Got charged a small fortune in excess baggage RAO told him to jog on.

    Small lesson learnt on sorting your own admin out pre posting me thinks.
  8. unless the rule shave changed, you should carryyour 1157 with you and not send it in MFO ( I know, who does except for maybe their first move from Basic to phase one).
  9. Is that the same kind of rule as a tom getting an RSM pension after 22 years?
  10. yea those pt vests and shorts, thermal long johns and 4 issues of telic kit are a real must :roll:

    What were you taking and where were you travelling from/to?
  11. Again people leaping in with helpfull advice, the rule was (when I joined) you arrived at your 1st unit with complete 1157 after that common sense kicked in ie you phoned up found out what was going on then packed exercise kit if needed or 2 sets of works dress to see you right untill your mfo arrived.
    It depends on why he was carrying the excess baggage 1st posting he should be ok after that theres a good chance he will be told to jog on I have claimed excess baggage its a 3 day turn around but you must keep the reciepts for 2 years in case of audit.
  12. I very much doubt it, you do not normally get issued enough kit to take you over the limit when going to your first posting.
  13. patently not he same rule as one was an urban myth! And I was referring to MFO between postings not boxes to take extra kit to go on det with.
  14. I turned up at a unit, was there for 2 weeks ans got 7 days notice to deploy on Telic 11. Strangely enough I had neglected to take my dessies in my bags, when I went down the QMs to get another set, Duty bod informed me that I should carry my entire 1157 etc etc when I asked where it says that, He didnt have an answer. It just something that gets said probably because in basic training you don't have a choice of using the MFO system.
  15. Some places you need the pt shorts still :roll: :roll: