Claiming back money for Mess Dress

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_Big_Floater, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Before we start I have mine and have had it for years....

    New Regs state that as a newly promoted SNCO you are entitled to claim for buying your mess dress. Nice one it certainley helps concidering the cost...

    However JNCOs in a lot of Regiments are now expected to own Mess dress but are not entitled for the same.

    So look at it like this... A Cpl is told to buy mess dress for the Cpls mess, he/she is then promoted to SNCO and is told he can't claim as he bought it as a Cpl... Nice save for the Army ..
    Surely this should be an entitlement for all....

    Your thoughts Fellas

    And yes I did pay for mine..... :( :D :D

    Up the Mess 8O

  2. Cpls mess have a mess dress? since when?
  3. Unlucky, fancy having to pay for one item of kit. In civvy street how many blokes have to buy their suits for work?

    A. All of them, two or three suits a year every year.
  4. Two or three a year.... F88k me what even the boy in McDonalds 8O

    How much he on or is it the Burtons $60 specials :D :D

    Not quite 600 Quid though :x

    Not quite the point though, more the fact that it has been made as a plus and we should all be greatful, but a lot of regiments force Cpls to buy it and the nice little bonus becomes no more..... So yeh a bit of a con thinking the younger boys are in for a free set..... 8O

  5. (IMHO) you're talking bollocks, or somebody is feeding you bollocks.

    The grant is paid on promotion to Sgt. WTF has the fact that a JNCO has bought some threadbare pikey set off Fleabay just to dress as required in the Mess got to do with it?
  6. Bud not all go for cheap shite... I do know a few who think it is like Armarni 8O
    You spend time in a lot of the Teeth arms and they epect their boys to wear it just like us.....
  7. Bummer for those attached arms, but you missed the point completely, I've highlighted your bold for clarity, where the fcuk are you getting this from or are you just trying to kick start the outrage bus (which is VOR A/S btw)?
  8. Damn :mrgreen:
  9. Even if they did buy a set of mess dress as a Cpl they can still claim for a set of mess dress once promoted to Sgt.
  10. A good reason to keep yourself away from the pies.
  11. Correct. No receipts or anything are needed; allowance paid on promotion to Sgt (Acting or Sub, whichever first). Guys in Cpls Mess being told to buy Mess Dress is sad but true, if you don't need to buy one when you reach the Sgts' Mess, then its free money to get your first round in!