Claiming back for shaving foam and blades and hair cuts

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by soulhunter100, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. How do I go about claming the money back and can I do it as a bulk buy of a year supply and can I make the pay for my wife cutting my hair
  2. This must be a wind up!
  3. When I joined, I was told that you could claim back tax on Hair cuts and Boot Polish, but I never bothered to actually look into it.
  4. Jeesus, I bet they put the flags out when you buy a round! Do you squeak much when you walk? :roll:
  5. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I was told the same in the early 80s but I don't know of anyone who actually tried to claim it against tax. I suppose that 12 haircuts per year and 12 tins of kiwi, after tax, could well save you £8.00 a month and the enduring hatred of the CO, chief Clerk and Pay office for being a pedant.

    Treat it as a career investment not a career limiting pedantic decicion.
  6. You can claim for professional expences. Are you trying to tell the tax man that the only reason you shave, get clipped, clean your shoes etc is because you happen to be about (presumably) HM's business? I suppose you might want to waste a few evenings working out how much you've spent over the period you have been (I'm guessing you are actually in) in the forces and then trying to apply for a retrospective adjustment. There again, you might want to do something equally worthwhile - like seeing how many faces you can pull in the mirror.
    Only three things are certain in this life: one is born, one pays taxes and one dies. Pay up and smile (because the smile really scares the taxman).
  7. Can I have all mine back then please? I don't care what the pay wallahs think.
    HMG owes me something along the lines of £3-5000 over a 22 year stint.

    Or is this covered by the all encompassing X-factor perhaps??
  8. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Nothing at all to do with them. All you need is a self assessment tax form and Roberts your Mothers Sisters Husband. However, it is all a myth. Tax man would just put a big red X through it.
  9. The duty rumour is not that you can set these things off against tax.

    Rather that the army will pay you a certain amount of cash to cover these purchases. IIRC it was supposed to cover anything that you must have but are not issued by the QMs. Girlies could claim for tights and court shoes and blokes for haircuts and shaving/boot polishing etc etc

    Now it might be that there used to be a grain of truth in this but only one much fuller in years than me could say wether or not it is true.

    On a related note, all those guys who are being required to purchase stable belts and maybe mess dress, can that be offset against tax perhaps??
  10. It's interesting that this thread has started as my wife, who is a registered nurse, has just been sent by the Royal College of Nursing, a form which she can submit where she provides details of the number of pairs of stockings/tights claimed for in the financial year as part of non-supplied unifor, as well as an allowance for washing of uniforms (where this facility is not available from her employers). She will get Tax relief for these, when she submits her self assessment form.

    Did you know that you can also claim thge tax back on MMA claims??? I've being doing it for years (it's useful to have a brother-in-law who is a tax accountant)!! There is a cap on the maximum each year, but I've never got close to it!

    I also claim back the tax on professional registration fees and subscriptions. I also get tax relief on uniform upkeep allowance (although I'm not sure if this applied to non-officers)

    As I understand it you cannot get Tax Relief on boot polish or razor blades (or would have claimed that years ago!!)!
  11. Oh come on!

    Officers get about £500 a year tax exempt "uniform allowance" to pay the upkeep of their No2 dress and mess kit, yet don't spend anything on it (unless in posh regments, when they don't need the cash anyway). Why should they get a freebie to pay for 4 cans of brown polish a year and a new beige shirt 1 year in 4 unless everyone else gets the same?
  12. Hair cuts, shaving and small items for work (clothing worn under coveralls) are all covered by your personal allowances calculated by the Tac Office for you.
    IE you already get the allowance.

    Yes Nurses can claim, how much they get is negligible.
  13. For all those interested in this piece of advice note that you are only able to claim back the tax on duty MMA claims (i.e. not leave claims at the converted leave rate and not journeys to and from work).

    The reclaimable tax is the difference between PCR and Inland revenue tax limits (40p per mile for a car).