Claiming Back Food Charges?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Screw_The_Nut, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. So, I'm on a 6 week course at a camp with pay as you dine, my home unit doesn't have pay as you dine yet. How do I claim back my food charges that are coming out of my wages (£120 a month now!), because apparently I need to clear from my squadron according to the clerks??? :? Why do I need to clear for a 6 weeks course???
  2. You should have booked in to your course location they then "move and track" you which tells JPA you are at a PAYD location and stops your food charge.

  3. Another way could be to second you to the training unit,but that may well affect other issues, eg respod etc.
  4. Hey guys, when you first start in basic, someone please tell me theres a few lessons on how to use JPA, because it seems confusing now, im guessing it will be more so when i actually have to use it.
  5. Yes, you will be taught to use it.

    You might not be able to find a terminal though! :D

  6. And if you can get on to a terminal be prepared to wait for ages to get logged in/get things cracked!
  7. In addition, annother reason for booking out is that you will be eligiable for GYH(T) if you come home at weekends, or LSA if you cannot (for duty reasons), in addition, Serarated Service has to be completed on JPA, this is important for Harmony etc.

    PW is right about PAYD and food charges, however, when you book out properly your clerks can watch out for this as not all units are completing this function, your HR can do it if the receiving unit do not.

    In addition, if you live out, and the course is over 10 days, your HTD should be ceased and restarted upon your return, thus, the need to book back in again, not to mention the ceasation of those allowances listed above.

    The 10 day rule applies for Move and Track (over 10, receiving unit, under 10 your unit), GYH (T) and HTD.
  8. Wasn't JPA brought in to make things simpler?
    Simpler for whom...?
  9. Stupid Boy Major:

    JPA was brought in to make a lot of money for a contractor. It is a government computer system what else would it be for?

  10. so u get your food charges back, duh.
  11. Clearly I am getting this wrong in my job, but all absences from your permanent duty station over 24 hours have to be entered on JPA.

    Querstions for LJS (my interpretation of Move and Track)

    This should be done by your own unit, if you go on a course for 6 weeks would you expect the unit that is running the course to do your JPA admin on behalf of your own unit HR Admin. IE your clerk (HR Admin) would book you in and out and start all your Allowances as necessary. The only exception to this is the OPLOC procedure when you are on an operational tour.

    Or am I getting it wrong here?

    Of course the onus is on the individual to bother to book out withe their HR Admin, and then the HR Admin doing the necessary JPA processes.
  12. You can always get booked out retrospectively, but that is just bad admin on your part
  13. Over 10 days the recieving unit M & T, under 10 days losing unit M & T, however, as many units do not bother to M & T course personnel it's handy, as part of the Separated Service Routine, to check, we use a SSR localy produced checksheet (along with the Land SSR form) to ensure all allowances, charges, entitlements are started/stoped accordingly.

    As you say, Ops will be done in theatre by the theatre arrival clerks, still handy to check things like LSA, POTL, Op Allowance, CWT etc.

    Still, if people do not book out, and back in, it kinda defeats the object really.