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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scott8188, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. has anyone claimed againts the army and have them admit liabilitie with a civvy solicitor
  2. Current affairs?
  3. Yes. I know someone who took almost 300k off them plus costs. Get a decent solicitor. That is the hard part and you need to put your case together.
  4. ive got a militry specialist solicitor and they have already admitted it to them i had a brake failure on a massive scale on a large vehicle just wondering what im looking at getting that all
  5. I'd suggest that you ask your solicitor. Unless you're going to post all of your medical records and the evidence you'll be presenting to the court on here, how on earth would we know what you'll get?

    I bet there's not many Pte Scotts with the last four of 8188 in Catterick Garrison either...
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  6. just wondering that all and it good im not pte scotts aswell
  7. I put a claim in against the Army and the Barstewards paid up a few weeks later....all I needed was the ticket from the parking machine and I was quids in
  8. I only hope that your militry solicitor is better at spelling and grammar than you are. Have you ever wondered what the squiggly red lines underneath the words that you type mean?
  9. Bad English teachers can also be sued - but they might sue you for the trauma of trying to educate you.
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  10. PING
  11. Ok, just this once I'll tell you. You'll most likely receive:

    1 x cheese role;
    1 x apple;
    1 x chocolate bar (assorted);
    1 x packet crisps;
    1 x biscuit three pack;
    1 x roller cola; and
    1 x sausage roll.

    I always used to swap the sausage role for another sandwich, but that's up to you and is pratically dependent on the quality of the interpersonal bridges you've built within your unit.

    If I take a closer look at the evidence, I begin to suspect that the large vehicle may have run over your head. If that;s correct you can expect a quantum of approximately £3,457.98, plus a costs award to cover the expense of your miltry specialist. You could use this money to invest in a speak and spell.
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  12. I assume you can provide evidence that you (or the driver) carried out the correct before use maintenance and that the fault would not have been obvious during everyday use.
  13. What is the cheese supposed to be doing then? Is it actually only curds acting as cheese or does it have some hidden agenda that only comes apparent later? :)

  14. If you managed to break some massive scales I assume you're RLC?

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