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Claiming a Holocaust survivor may of had a lesbian relationship with her guard.


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There are many things that I remember from visiting Wewelsburg but one of the most prominent was a map, produced by the British showing all the various camps in the British sector.
Concentration and work camps. Some of the latter only holding a handful of prisoners.


An up date.

Seems the Professor has been fined 4000 euros. Time Warwick Poly had a good long hard think about some of its staff.

Meanwhile another Holocaust survivor, who shared a room with the dead woman in a Hamburg concentration camp, told the Guardian she had never seen anything to suggest her former fellow inmate had a sexual or physical relationship with the guard.

The woman, Liese*, said she witnessed all the meetings between the guard and the other prisoner, Gerda*, whose bunk bed was opposite her own in the camp. “When [the guard] came in the evenings she sat on [Gerda’s] bunk with her back to me,” she said. “I could see [Gerda’s] legs. They talked and sometimes laughed. But there was no chance of undressing or anything like that. The guard left before lights out.”

Liese previously described these encounters between the two women in a memoir about her own experiences of the Holocaust.

So not so much research went on there then.

A German court has fined a University of Warwick historian €4,000 (£3,675) for breaching an injunction in a legal battle over claims that a Jewish concentration camp prisoner had a lesbian affair with an SS guard, according to a lawyer involved in the case.
I know of it but haven't watched that one, is there enough gratuitous nudity to make it worthwhile?
I've watched that film about five times. Its shit.
Millions of poor unfortunate inmates, 100'000's of guards, administrators, other perps and Kapos.

Not unknown for pedos to take a shine to poor victims , females ones were murdered once they fell pregnant . poor little teens of either sex just abused .

And not a Priest or Scout Leader in sight !
Unless, for the latter, you count the Hitlerjugend?
They was a lot of witnesses to soap being made from Jewish corpses as well. Now even Jewish museums say it wasn't true.

The Auschwitz guards used to tell the prisoners they were washing with soap made from Jews... You can't really complain if your own lie bites you in the arse...


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