claim to fame??!!

Discussion in 'ACF' started by pobarg, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. One of our SI's on camp this year was RTU'd from the JCIC.........anyone got any better?........
  2. Was it you?
  3. Sorry, but why was an SI doing a JCIC cadre?

    Or do you mean he failed it as a cadet, but is now an SI?

    And he might have been RTU'd for any number of reasons other than being completely useless. Do tell?
  4. SI's dont do a JCIC do they? As they are adults, always what I thought anyway.
  5. correct, JCIC and SCIC are cadet courses, AIs do ITCs, Basic Frimley and KG6 amongst as many courses as they like to do.
  6. The AI could have been sh!t at teaching themselve, and so how can they teach a future teacher to teach? :p

    Sounds more likely, my ex. Grenadier Guardsman Sgt. went on an AI's course and on some other guys kit list it had 9mm pistol?

    He bought one with him and subsequently this fella was dealt with?
  7. Please, please, please tell me this is a wind up.
  8. Don't know about a 9mm pistol, but when i did my KGI, the RSM at the time, who I am sure many will remember fondly, told us about a student on the previous course who turned up wearing para wings. On his chest. As that RSM was fond of saying, it was a swift departure on the number 15 bus.
  9. Those are claims to fame ??

    You kids have got some living to do .... :D
  10. One of our SI's???

    For upsetting an SSI!

    Pobarg you dont help yourself do you mate! :D

  11. I once threw up and shit in my own pants.

    Oh to 18 again!!
  12. did that yesterday, did suprise the rest of the people in the meeting
  13. Nahhh.

    I mean.. yes CADETS IS A WINDUP, but the story isn't.. :?