Claim solution???

I have just taken up post in UK, my new job involves an awful lot of travel, hotels, meals etc, sounds nice, but is a pain when you consider that you have to fork out all the money first and claim it back, i know JPA will speed things up, if i can get to a terminal to access it, DII is a long way off where i am, why do i have to fork out and be out of pocket sometimes to the tune of 150-300 quid, and waiting 8 days for a cheque to get it back?? Surely there must be some sort of credit card or advance of pay availability in our all singing and dancing new pay system. By which they could easily audit and control the money i am spending?? What if i didnt have the money up front and said, sorry i cant go and do that job because im still owed 300 quid from last week and my credit card is on its limit. Any ideas??
P.S im not skint, but its the principle.
I've been in the same boat as you and you've really only got two choices

1, Your own credit card or apply for one an use it purely for business use (Good for air miles and other goodies)

2, Government Procurement Card (GPC) It can be used for travel, hotels etc but is a real pain in the arrse to administer, plus you need to do a course to be able to get one. The GPC also has loads of restrictions with it, It often takes a full day just to fill out the paperwork for it.

I've tried both options but using your own (business use only) card is the easiest and cost effective option.
Why not apply for an advance of T&S on JPA, you can have up to 90% of your costs and it will be recovered automatically from your pay a month later.

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