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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by 15year L/Bdr, May 13, 2013.

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  1. My Claim now with decision makers, so does anyone know how long it should take from that to me getting notified of their decision?
  2. Errr claim for what?

    Use search or the snails shell will explode.
  3. Sorry war pension claim
  4. elovabloke

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  5. I'm on the naughty step, so once again, am no use to anyone.
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  6. The claim has been in since December it's for knee and ankle injures (3operations Required and now the ankle is riddled with arthritis) sustained before 2005.
  7. Were you injuries accepted on discharge? I have the ame, my left leg was cut off but my right leg was, actually, far more damaged, I now have chronic arthritis, bone decay and ligament failure. However, my right leg was included in my medical discharge process and is, therefore, covered for future claims. BTW this is a WP situation, no idea what they do in AFCS system.
  8. well mate i`ll be positivie and not direct you too the wheel of fortune. But normally its around a month if all goes well. Good luck by the way.
  9. Thank you very much mate
  10. You need to start behaving if you wish to be helpful.

    I have, look how good I am now :)