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Claim forms.....interesting to all of us workers

[/b]How come, or so it seems that every time I complete a 1771 Claim form for my expenses/entitlements, which to tell the truth I don't fill in that often. Well, on doing so, I always go into the pay wallers before I make my claim to check what I am entitled to. Only today, I was flabbergasted. I was told by Clerk with Green HAT, that I am only entitled to a small proportion of my claim. OK, I will go and get it signed.

On going back and speaking to the stripey, it seems that there is a great shortfall at units by correct advice not being given with regards to claims and at a loss to the claimant. Thanx to this stripey I have more than enough dosh now for a weekend in paris. Come on clerks, this ain't the first time and I ain't the only one either.

My main question is......although it isn't on paper as such, but what does happen to the unclaimed monies. I never get told my claim is incorrect, come and resign your claim as we have underpaid you. mmmmmmm. After all the pay wallers are the experts.....Let's get it right guys and dolls..

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