Claim For SCV - How Is It Paid?

A quick question for any pay gurus out there! I put in a claim for SCV after I took the kids to boarding school at the beginning of September for the first time. I have since received a JPA Workflow Notification saying that it had been approved and also the parental contribution was deducted from my Sep 08 pay statement. However, I have yet to see the claim paid into my bank account as other JPA claims are. Has something gone wrong or will it be credited to this month's pay? I am posing the question here because I am away from work all week and it is bugging me! Many thanks in advance.

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I am not a pay guru, but use the SCV visits myself on JPA. The way I have claimed during the last 18 months is this:

1. You place your request with full travel details etc on JPA under SCV journeys.
2. Your RAOWO/ROA then authorise and send a workflow notice back providing an SCV claim authorisation number. At this stage I normally get my pay deducted with the 50mile each way parental contribution.
3. Once you get the SCV claim number you then submit an MMA claim on JPA. You must use the SCV claim number as authority to claim.
4. The claim is then treated as a normal MMA claim (without any Paretnal deductions) and is normally paid with 48hrs.

I hope it helps??

Yes, I have a claim number. I shall give it a go on Monday. Many thanks for your help!

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