Claim back your ILLEGAL bank charges

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by RFUK, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. On the money programme tonight, a comission set up by the BBC will reveal that despite the average "administration fee" charged by banks being £30, the actual cost of administration is less than £4.50. As a "penalty charge" is illegal under UK law, this also makes bumped up admin charges illegal.

    It's simple to claim back your charges and most people are successful at doing so - apparently.

    The BBC news is running the story this morning.,24632,

    I've been charged hundreds through these charges over the past few years and I plan to claim. Anyone else fancy a go?

    (edited for clarity and added link)
  2. Good ideda, but several banks that have been challenged have ckosed down teh accounts of people who have done this as they said the "trust" between customer and the bank has been broken.
  3. That's why the first step in the guide is to open a new account with a different bank. It's just a bit more hassle, but still worth it for the average of £1000 that people are getting back.
  4. If the bank closes your account you can report them to a certain authority. However, if your bank has been charging you wrongly and then decided to close your account becaue you stood up for your right you really need to ask yourself if that is the people you want to use!

    I'm currently going to court to claim back over a grand, and so far their responce has been exactly as described in the aforementioned websites.
  5. Ah, but they can't just steal your money. They must provide you with a way to transfer your funds.
  6. Thinking about it, I'm sure there is a line in my overdraft agreement which says they can demand it back in full. If you have any debts with that bank, it might be an idea to square them away first.
  7. but surely if they have been grossly overcharging you, then the trust has already been broken. Idle threats.
  8. Yes.. I absolutely hate Banks like Natwest. 30 Pounds charge for a failed direct debit? What planet are these ppl on?
  9. right, i dont even have bank statements from the last 6 months, never mind 6 years.

    Whast exactly do I have to ask for from my bank when I call them? Do i ask for 6 years worth of statement copies? Surely not! Or am i asking for a list of all charges from last 6 years????
  10. Its the same with loans, they can demand immediate payment.
  11. From,

  12. Cheers, letter in post today.
  13. Done in it all.....£3k calimed back and paid by the bank before getting into a court room