CLA Game Fair 2011

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Anyone going?
  2. Oh **** Aye. On the Saturday, Shotgun cert in hand and a pocket full of saved pennies, looking for something shiny! or even cammo'd ;-).
    Gunmakers row for SWMBO and me, Gundog puppies/air-rifles for SG Jnr and a food section for all to find sustenance.
    I do like the CLA game fair. I'll even put up with SG jnr reminding me that she can shoot the knackers off a gnat with an air rifle while daddy can hit feck all for all the journey home. Again.
  3. I'll see you there then!
  4. Should be going, pockets bulging with cold hard cash hoping to arm myself with the lat est air rifles. Theres a lot of bunnies round our way acting like they own the place!
  5. I'll be there all three days.
  6. I live close to Blenheim Palace. Try and get there early as 3 years ago there was traffic chaos and huge jams!

  7. traffic is allways a nightmare.....

    ..... been to a few CLA's but never have a chance to get out of the tent to see anything :(

    glad i'm missing it this year tbh.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    As Claypig said all 3 days. In fact arrived today and set up the stand M998 in the gundog area this year. Plenty of grub places around and gunmakers row looks huge, bigger than ever! I won't be spending any cash sadly but hopefully making some. No dogs with us though as we need a break.

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  9. Indeed, Look out for someone in a Tee-shirt if its warm and a coat if raining :)

    Hey Ugly, Will look you up again. Need to ask some advice on a suitably resilient dog toy/training aid for a mahoosive labradoodle puppy owned by my ex missus. Intent to buy if you have something to hand and its not going to dent my plan to spend money in gunmakers row. She is my ex-missus after all!
  10. So I did make it on the Friday.Lots of very attractive filllies in their short skirts and Hunter wellies,which was nice.
    But the show itself is too big and too much to see! I see why people go for two days.Is the Belvoir Castle site just as big?
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    it was a good event, we arrived wednesday afternoon and left to come home this morning. I understand that they are all as big and sadly I couldnt get out as much from our stand as I wanted, we did very well and hit the Tea Lady's target so the vets bill will be paid. Nice to do an event without our own dogs and it was the right choice.

    Lots of fit girlies!
  12. I was digging the green and pink tweed mini skirts and leather boots look. Most memorable sight was the horse faced 16 year old with no knickers, lounging with her quiff-sporting boyfriend next to the falconry demonstration. That's the **** bank full. Thought the show was great, but too big to do in a day and not very many bargains.
  13. Went there on Friday with young Master Gun Nut. Spent most of the day wandering around gunmakers row with eyes out on stalks and fingers twitching for the wallet. Never even made it as far as the food section. Managed to get trounced by him on several of the airgun lanes.

    Enjoyed eyeing up the young fillies and chuckling at the landed gentry with their blazers and floppy hankerchiefs. I've never seen so many Dubarry boots in one place!

    It was a great day out.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You should have called in, arrssers are always welcome and sometimes even get a brew out of me!
  15. That will teach me to check in more regularly!