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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by The_Cheat, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. Weird question coming up...

    I got out about a year ago and I'm now in the US working as a Paramedic. My department does quite a bit of Search and Rescue type work which is a lot of fun... and here's the question. We all have a pool of helmets that we can use, and there is a facility in place where we can buy our own and get money back. Most of the lads have their own climbing type lids and I've tried a few of them out, but I can't seem to get a comfy fit wearing a headset underneath...

    Does any one have any suggestions? Something with sides like the new MK7 or even with the sides cut away would be ideal. I've seen one lid, but it costs too much and is far to wary for my needs! (ops-core: FAST Base Jump Sport Helmet)

    Help please!
  2. I meant to say that I can get 'an amount' back. Normal climbing lids run in the region of $..75-150 so I doubt I'd get back any more than that.
  3. Hint: most ballistic-spec helmets do not provide a good level of blunt-impact protection, which is probably what you need in your line of work.

    UK-spec helmets like M6/6a/7 generally have much higher levels of blunt-impact protection than equivalent US products (e.g. ACH), but still fall some way short of products designed specifically for this application.
  4. There's no need to ballistic protection at all, it's just for banging your noodle against stuff. I'm asking the arrse brain-trust because I don't want to get into a helmet chat with the full time SAR helmets... Something like a normal climbing helmet just with more room round the ears...?
  5. If you can get $150 back on a $203 helmet, that means it would cost you $53. Is it worth $53 to you, to prevent your head getting stove in?
  6. It's not so much that I'm being cheap, I just don't need a ballistic helmet with a HMNVGS mount and all that fun stuff. It's primarily to protect my head when I bang it into things in the back of our SH or against a rock / tree branch when on the ground.
  7. Looks to me like you are banging your head against the wall here ....
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  8. The weight of a military helmet would preclude me from using one, where ballistic protection is not required. If you are climbing, even top roped, you have to plan for a fall. If you fall ten meters before you are arrested/belayed think of the strain on you neck during the decelleration. That's why climbing helmets are light.
  9. I think I might have confused a few people here! We require a helmet when working in the back of our a/c and in some situations when on the ground. Rappelling / abseiling happens a little, as well as some rope rescue stuff, and that's what the helmet is needed for. The only problem I have is that I haven't been able to find a suitable climbing type helmet that is suitable for use with a headset underneath.... So the $200 looks the part and would fit well, it's too heavy and too much!
  10. Two companies to look at.
    Cairns in the US (look at the Metro, they do a version without the surrounding brim; and
    Over in the UK the Cromwell F500. I would go for F500 as long as your headset fitted under it. The F500 was the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn.

    Avoid at all costs the MSA Gallet. It has the WORST SUSPENSION SYSTEM EVER!!!!
    Gucci visor but that's about it.
  11. Military helmets are for shooty bangy things not Search and Rescue, you'll look a ******* walty knob tbh. Just get what everyone else has on their bonce. And stop trying to act like a battle hardened hero.
  12. I think you should get a top quality medieval reproduction late 15th century sallet. hand raised from a single iron billet and lined with
    crushed velvet...... and with a gilded acorn on the top
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  13. The ropes acce3ss chaps offshore use the Rock Combi. They are used to having spanners dropped on there noggings!

    Designed for work in high noise areas, hence the cut outs for ear defenders.