Civvy Workshops

Discussion in 'REME' started by Outstanding, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Do we really need them or are they a great place for retiring LE and ASMs to get stuck into?

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Too bloody right we do - who else fixes kit at 2nd line nowadays???

    Notice I said FIXES, so Fwd plt peoples can sit down :p
  4. When i was in your beloved Corps, they accounted for 96% of production.

    When REME train, exercise etc they pick up the production bill, I can't see this being much different now.

    Keep the good old Civ Wksp if REME don't... REME COs will be restricted with what they can do with their train sets....They may have to do the unthinkable and have the tradesmen fixing stuff instead of playing infanteers, which is what you all trained to be of course.
  5. REME Btns and even civi workshops will be repairing next to no equipment in forthcoming years.

    Almost all new equipment being brought into service will be on a first to forth repair basis anyway.

    Its cheaper for the Army and makes the project managers jobs at DPA alot easier.
  6. Cheers fot that Enoch, I guess all the TUM (HS), 8T, 14T and 4T DAF will fix themselves then? Oh, that's right, the replacements are due in very soon - of course :p :wink:

    Oh, and the abbreviation for Battalion is Bn - doofus
  7. Can it not be better done by fully contracting out?
  8. Thing about Civvy workshops was that they took everything so personal. For example, when in Moscow Camp, Belfast in 81 I had to go to Kinnegar with an order for 10 "Paddy Pusher Extensions"!

    "What the feck is a Paddy Pusher Extension?" asked the Paddy behind the counter. "Those things that get welded onto the Paddy Pusher on the front of the Pig!" I replied. "They're not fecking Paddy Pushers! those are Crowd Dispersal Bars...........!"
  9. All boils down to money these days. When they were just an extension of the Corps working FOR the Corps, it was great, nowadays from the dealings I have with them THEY tell us what to do and get away with it whilst taking massive chunks of our budget at the same time. Toss.
  10. Thats why they would be better off as contractors, they would have to do what they were contracted to do!
  11. Civvy workshops Hmmmm now thereby hangs a tale .........if we could remove the wee empire builders , the "We've done it like that since we worked for Adolf why change now ? "brigade , the" disabled and I'm going to milk it lobby "......and one or two others it might just work !! 8)

    If they stuck to Spec repair & not lets fix the world cos it'll make ME look good .........if they weren't trying to do base repair with 2nd line facilities it might just work ...........
    If the Wksp Commander (?) would listen when he was told It's lean sir but not as we do it "! .it might just work !!

    An extremely valuable asset sadly abused by self promoting little men to further their own aims !!!
  12. How many are there in Germany?
    Why cannot Military facilities absorb the work taht cannot be contracted out?
  13. I recall from my time at 70 AC Wksp (lovely little place! :p) as a civvy in the engine bay, that we spent half our time doing stuff for army blokes! Used to always want little jobs done, like bits for their cars cleaned, etc.

    If we had really been telling them what to do, the work would have got done! :)

    On a serious note, the civvy wksp, i was lead to believe, was extremely valuable, for the reasons already stated.
  14. Military facilities cannot absorb the work completed by Civ Wksps because they are too busy being pawns for COs who think they are the next Monty.
    REME officers cannot accept that we need to spend less time playing soldiers than we do repairing things.

    Teeth arm COs want men who can fix things and look after themselves on the battlefield, not REME soldiers who can perform Company Attacks but not fix stuff.

    Most REME officers above Major level cannot get the balance right, this was shown amply well when 6 Bn got a red on an ECI. If they can't look after their own kit, what hope for their customers?