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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Bogit, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. Has anyone had any problems from there day job joking up over the 48 hour week and rest periods required ?

    Yes I'm new and if its a poor answer ill not be sticking around for the introductions ;p

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  2. Such as?........the's plenty of advice sites on the interweb that explain it all tbh.

    It's been awhile since I've had to check and things may have changed but it was something like .....

    a) you can opt out if you want to work more hours per week

    b) 11 hours between working days/shifts

    c) Accumulted rest days/hours can be taken at the end of the rota'd working days.

    d) If the business needs you to, you may have to bite the bullet and work as requird up to a mx of X days, etc

    Check out the websites...the truth is out there - if you can be botherd to look for it.
  3. Thats the last time i post using my phone......Should of said did anyones day job have a problem with them being in the ta due to the working time directive and rest periods....Im already opted out.
  4. Oh you mean like working all week then rushing around Hills and woods with guns and things at the weekend, getting no sleep - in the rain/cold, or crashing big lorries that belong to HM Government as you're tired as you haven't had any rest days?

    Just ask yourself 'Who pays the bills?'.....your job or the mob?

    Your employer has every fecking right to have concerns over you not resting when you should be, as it'll be them who have to complete the accident report ....especially if it's proven that the reason you put pipe cleaner in the milkshake was because you'd been on stag/etc all week end whilst playing silly buggers dressed up in green...however, there is also the fact that when it suits your employer, they won't give a feck about your rest periods.

    Maybe they are just envious of your manly body or fantastic tales tales of derring do...or annoyed that you keep fecking up at work...that broom won't push itself/burger flip over on it's own, will it?

    Then again how many civvys cane it all weekend and may even get less sleep than a TA Bod driving down to Brecon from say London for field firing, arriving at daft o'clock, doing the bang bang stuff 'til late then up at sparrow fart the next day already for work the following week?

    Hmm?.....just buy a crate of pro plus/bag of Billy Whiz, and keep schtum....the only reason to even let your employer know that you are one of the saviours of the nation (part time) is if they have a policy that give you paid time off to dress up like a soldier.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am pretty sure that there is a derogation for the Reserve Forces from the WTD. I will check later.
  6. Ta have an exemption from the working time directive. However they don't for drivers hours, so if you are a driver you are stuffed.

    Although it might be the other way around.
  7. The WTD was a very misunderstood piece of legislation, you can work as many hours as you want, what you can't be told to do is work more than 48 hrs a week averaged over a 16 week period.
    Also a minimum of 11 hrs between shifts, however, the Military is exempt form the WTD.
  8. Being pedantic and off topic slightly. However an employer still has a duty of care, if they allow you to work hours which cause you to be a danger to yourself or others then they are acting unlawfuly. This might be the angle the employer is coming from in terms of the ta.
  9. The employer will look after you when you are at their workplace, TA is none of their responsibility. Friday night you can rock up at the TAC chinstrapped that's your prerogative.
  10. daz

    daz LE

  11. My employer asked me to fill out how many hours I would work in a month (at my spare-time activity)
  12. As I recall, the point to note is that the working time is calculated as hours worked per 7 days, calculated over a 17 week period. Given that you'll probably take some annual leave during any given 17 week period (and even during Annual Camp, you should get at least one day off) to add to normal weekends/days in lieu, it's unlikely that there'd be any need to invoke a military exemption.