Civvy work ethics and lack thereof!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 1Bn_BBYDF, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. What is it about the work ethics of this country? I have had two employees jack on me in the last 24 hours. I would understand if they were paid peanuts and treated like cnuts but they are not.
    First off some knob throws in the towel BY TEXT at 21.30 Giving me no notice period, leaving me with no cover, thousands of pounds worth of my kit with no operator costing me money, and a customer on the phone tearing his hair out!

    And then to top my fantastic morning another twat doesn't turn up and his phone is switched off! Leaving six people to stand about and scratch their collective arrses at a cost of £285/hour.

    The work I do isn't rocket science, or even ballistic dynamics, but it does require a competent employee to be reliablle and trustworthy. Two traits which seem to be lacking in the modern civilian workforce.

    How satisfying would it be to be able to charge cnuts expenses or even issue a good shoeing if they don't show up! You would certainly see a change in attitude then. At the minute most bods wouldn't give a monkeys about the consequences of them being a jack barsteward. As always its the faithful 85% of the rest of my guys who have to pick up the pieces.

    Am I the only one, or does anyone else have any horror/comedy employees?

    I'm off to make a brew and calm down!
  2. just employ ex forces.
  3. I have a few ex forces guys, one of which is an absolute diamond,ex infanteer, never late, never sleeps in, calls if he has any problems, and is the most proactive man I know.(He puts me to shame sometimes!) He is paid well for his good attitude and skills. The others are rather grey but solid guys.

    The twats that are giving me the problems are the cnuts that have never seen themselves in a uniform ever. Unless you count a premier league football shirt!!!

    If there were decent ex forces bods out there that could do the work I need doing to the standard my customers demand they would have a job in a heartbeat. Sadly, good men like that are hard to find both in and out of the army.
  4. I agree with you. I work with a lazy sloth who thinks he is being employed by the company to surf the fcucking internet all day. His actual work can be measured in minutes. The only time he gets off his arrse is to get his lunch or take a P.

    I would dearly love to bury my boot up his jacksie and give him the meaning of life. Complaining to management is a waste of time, they only want a quite life. I agree that if you want good workers you should employ only ex services.
  5. Unfortunately I am management in this job, and yes I do prefer the quiet life. I wish it were as simple as that!

    My main bug bear with regards to employing thse guys is the supply and demand involved. Good men are in short supply, and the guys know this. They think they can jack on you one day and you will be begging them to come back a week later. They are finding out the hard way that I don't take much messing about from them. If they want to mess me about fine, they get the required amount of warnings and then get binned never to return. The previous manager would suck anything to get them to come back to work after their teddies were thrown. This has left me with an attitude that it is ok to rear up and storm off jobs, since you will be forgiven next day no questions asked. I believe if you throw your teddy like a child you can feck off to the big playground that is the dole office.

    The good workers with me get rewarded and know that I appreciate what they do for me. The 85% that are good lads will testify to that.

    I used to joke about when do you lose your sense of humour in the workplace. It was always the second jump up the ladder, rung two. I am now at rung two and I see why managers have no sense of humour, God I'm old!
  6. What I don't understand int he Civvie workplace is all these people who have the attitude that they own the company and what the boss asks them to do should only be done if they think they should.

    For example, we have to fill in time sheets every week, its no drama but they have to be completed by the end of the week for accounting etc. Now there are a lot of people who think this is a travesty and b1tch about donig it by friday and think monday is ok. My opinion is that your boss has told you you need to do something and even explained why, thus shut your cakehole and do it!

    At the end of the day, they are paying you do do what they ask, thus do it (unless its outside your remit), atthe end of the day they don't have to employ you, and your not the management, they are!

    Again its the crossover between Military ethic and a civvie workplace.
  7. Simply refuse to provide a reference to their new employer. This will leave their new employers scratching their heads and wondering why and hopefully the lights will come on.
    There will always be lazy individuals in the workplace the trouble is people are too frightened to discipline/sack people for fear of recrimination at an employment tribunal, as simply not following the correct grievance procedure can see an employer lose.
  8. You may find about 700 odd ex Brit military Saffer blokes looking for a job soon. A new anti merc law passed in SA is going to put a lot of folks out of a job who are nothing of the sort but forced to seek employment away from home.
  9. Funny this topic should come up!!

    I work in the utility industry as a Project Manager and yesterday two lads out working on a rough estate in Birmingham, they leave the key in the ignition to the van and surprise surprise two minutes later some local smackhead gets in and drives off!! Just had a phone call to say the tools were dumped a few miles away and the van was used in a robbery last night!!

    What the fuck? Who leaves keys in the ignition when they are nowhere near the vehicle? Plus insurance will not pay out because the van was not locked!!
  10. References are not worth the paper anymore. Any firm will (generally) not give you a reference apart from stating what sick days you took and if they had any formal issues with you for fear of if they give you a glowing reference and your new employer doesn't think its justified, they cna now take the old employe to court! Barstewards
  11. Sounds like me! Does he take a sicky after a big night out? Clock off early and come in late when the boss in on hoilday?
  12. Don't start me. Why use 500000 words, when 5 will do?

    I have to work with a few civvies, some are good, some are complete jobsworths and are determined to make it look like they are doing their job.

    For instance:

    Civvy: We need to move that desk.
    Me: Lets shift it then.
    Civvy: Oh no, we need to risk assess it and get some other civvies in to do it.
    Me: That will take a week.
    Civvy: I know but that's how we have to do it.

    Mind you, I have taught them how to fix the water boiler and where the trip switch is. Don't tell Debut.
  13. F*cking hell. You're a death trap woman.What if someone tries to move the desk, slips on the water (caused by your dodgy attempt to fix the boiler) and puts their back out?

    This kind of dilema should take a six man team at least a week to sort. Otherwise they'd be out of a job.
  14. Your point being? If they don't like it, they shouldn't have joined the army.

    Oh that's right, they didn't, they joined the civil service, but still have the rank of blah de blah.

    "So when did you join the army then?"

    I didn't.

    "So how can you be a higher rank than me?"

    I'm not, I'm the equivalent

    "Where did you do your training then?"

    I didn't, but I'm a Grade Blah which makes me higher than you

    "So where did you do your training then?"

    So on and so forth.........
  15. Ronnie8781, Utilities support is the field that I am trying to get men to work in. How many of vehicles have you lost in the last year. Two of our customers has lost six or seven from our area alone, but it has not yet stopped binlids from leaving keys in wagons.

    You signed for it, you are responsible for it, try making the idiots pay some of the insuarnce excesses. Nothing to do with me guvnor!!!

    But when they get smacked on the head by a piece of plant when they should have been nowhere near it(As per common sense and their safety induction), it's you that gets the blame!!