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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by trickywoo, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. On my way to work this morning in Sussex, two old biffers with flo-jackets had a speed camera. Is this a proper "authorised" speedtrap or is it busybodies trying to slow down traffic by walting it as civpol?

    Also, are bikers able to be prosecuted for speeding towards them given that by the time the biker is past them he'll be doing the correct limit?
  2. Some counties use civi's employed to operate speed traps, nope I mean tax cams, oopss sorry, mobile road safety camera units. I don't know if they have been given quotas to fill or areas they have to operate in. I'd like to think that they are stuck outside schools and such like, but i can imagine that they are not.
  3. THey used to use Council vans and employees when I lived in South Tyneside, but haven't encountered anything other than plod down here in Sussex. Who knows, maybe they were CSO's or Specials?

    On the second point, I think that if they get you at an excess speed coming towards them you're basically fcuked.
  4. Aye some counties use the villagers/townies to catch you speeding? Your details are then passed on to the Police and they will issue you with a warning: That if you are caught again action will be taken against you. TOSSER'S
  5. Sorry, but speeding in urban areas is for morons and ****. Open road (dual carriageway and motorway) still requires a lot of concentration and skill, and a car with better brakes than most people can afford.
  6. Good point.
    There was bit on the wireless the other day re coffin dodgers getting in a 2 & 8 over daily through flow traffic on "THEIR LOCAL ROADS.
    Solution... They clubed together and got a legit zapper, plod have test it frequently, but of cause they do, and now they stag on all day in pairs, (Crinkleys in High Vis) and record all cars doing anything over the limit. They record the VRN and send adaily email to rozzers road safety dept formerly known as traffic unit. After three observations they plod may pay you a visit to pass on teh Blue Rince's observations and issue you with a warning.
    The old fatherless on the wireless said with some pride that he took pleasure in stitching bikes, all of them, "an infliction to good decent people" he called them. Further more, and I quote "we enjoy getting people who have expensive cars as they always speed". I SH!T YOU NOT! Worse still, it seems to very popular with some constab cheifs!
    Rant over.
  7. Mate here says they're paid to do it and they forward the results to the police. Seems an innovative enough way to get your neighbours to give you a shoeing.
  8. What checks are carried out on these crinkly crime fighters to ensure that what they report is accurate? how do we know they are not making it up?
  9. Agreed, Im a mad biker but I never abuse the limits in Urban areas!!
  10. T O P - They won't carry out ANY checks. Too costly in time and effort and in any case will negate any 'cost benefit' to the cause.
  11. Was there not a program a while ago on TV that showed from unearthed records that the only way the Gestapo could work in Nazi Germany was by denunciation of people by their neighbours?

    Seems the same process at work with these "neighbourhood traffic watch" types :x

    When they get through all the expensive cars and motorbikes what next "foreign looking drivers? or those who do not have blond hair and blue eyes? :x

    Who regulates these people and where are the pie eating plod that are supposed to do this? :x

    "Testing" their cars at 120 mph on the local motorway? :roll:
  12. Well, 30 is 30 and I never break that either but on my Hayabusa when the conditions are right I really go for it and this wasn't a 30 it was a 50 on a nice stretch of tarmac between two villages ie the perfect spot to nick somone having a nice time. Point is, this was no primary school accident blackspot. However, this is academic - what I'm more concerned about is exactly what Fiji's touched on. Using civvies to do a uniform job is, to me, absolutely not on. This will inevitably attract precicely the sort of people one would wish not to be allowed anywere near a position of civic authority. How long before they can hand out fines? Dob you in for a misdemeanour. Arrest you? Yes - we have powers of citizens arrest but this is not a move in the right direction. Whatever happened to traffic cops anyway? Where are they?
  13. I would get upset about it except that that lot mainly deal with roads with low limits (30-40) and I don't have much sympathy for folks speeding on roads with those limits (bar-stewards got me on a dual carriage way, 83 in a 70). I would also agree with the generalisation about exspensive cars, I hate to think of the number of Beemer and Merc drivers who think they own the road.
  14. You think thats bad, Down here in the New Forest, Old biddys of the Parish Councils stand by the electronic boards that show you your speed. They then take a note of your reg and pass it onto Hants Police!!!. All you will get is a warning letter as the Biddys have no jurastiction... Waste of time....
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    How dare they, not wanting cars speeding through their villages at 60 mph killing their children.......the very nerve of some people.