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This also belongs under charities and welfare, however it also comprises careers advice, education and resettlement. May have been done before on Arrse and sorry I couldn't locate a thread. "The Civvy Street website at Home is designed to help you adjust to life on civvy street and kick-start a new career". From Having trouble finding work? - The Royal British Legion.

"Civvy Street is a website that puts at your fingertips masses of information and resources for finding a job or changing your career. There is plenty of useful information that's available to everyone, whether you register or not, but if you do register with the site (for free) you'll get access to a collection of online training courses that you can personalise to fit your needs".

You can also use our CV builder, which is an easy way to create the best CV you possibly can - completely free".

Telephone support, job information, interviews and a wealth of support are available from this service at practically no cost.


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