Civvy Sparky to Infantry

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by AKAJJ, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone shed any experience/knowledge

    Im 23 years old and have always wanted to join the army but figured i should get a trade in civvy first.
    I now know being a sparky is not what i want (been a sparky for 7 years) and do not want to spend the rest of my young life clipping cables in lofts reeling out cables and getting the odd shock to wake me up now and then lol.
    I want a job that asks more of me and where I Feel part of a team and where every day could be different.
    Hows the changeover?
  2. You sound like the recruit from commando on the frontline LOL. You should do what your heart tells you only 1 life. You got a trade to fall back on if you decide it isnt for you at training or minimum service. Dont be pushed in a direction because of family or relationships at the end of the day only you can decide for your personal happiness. And be aware loved ones wont support your decision but use it as your passions fire it will make you more determined. Good luck whatever you decide. :D :D :D
  3. Being in the infantry is the best job in the world at the moment with Afghanistan kicking off. You get to shoot people and throw grenades at them! You even get paid shitloads for doing it! It's jolly good fun. :)
  4. I like your style. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  5. AND you get to wear sexy DPM in TWO flavours!!!
  6. Yea watched that today 2 hours long.
    Im definitetly fed up with changing fuseboxes cant wait to get the ball rolling.
    Im looking at 1 Royal Anglian
    30 mile speed march wtf
  7. Well chuffed, got cleared of my first medical (got deffered 1 year ago)
    Will go on a pre selection course December time or before and have to do a Royal Anglian Week (RAW) CANT WAIT.
    The ball is Feckin Rollin CMON. :D
  8. Good. Well done! Good luck for the future.
  9. Viking day 26 Nov, Pre selection 2nd Dec anyone else going?
  10. Nope.
    Have fun matey.
    Remember you will be under the proverbial Microscope. So DO YOUR BEST, at least while the Malignant Ones are watching, which is sadly most of the time!
    No matter how bad it seems, it is that bad, but no one (least of all you) will care in future years about that.
    Being Pish wet through, cold and hungry is not as bad as the Liberal media make out. No REALLY!

    Oh! Never, I mean NEVER ask the cookie for a second sausage!
  11. I suspect theirs plenty of vikings or poachers on here along with many other Infantry etc so guidance & feedback will be plenty, either way good luck m8
  12. viking day cancelled :(
  13. Is it? Im still going and its still going ahead, I checked on my way back from school today!!!
  14. I asked my recruiter and he said they are under staffed because the vikings are in afghan, so it got cancelled.
  15. 100% Cancelled asked today