Civvy slagging off the RE

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Last_Four, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. My missus has been having trouble at work lately from some little sh*t that works with her who happens to be the son of an officer in the REME.

    Apparently, he has taken a disliking to the fact that I'm in the Engineers. Told her yesterday that I should transfer to the REME, when told I wouldn't because I like blowing sh*t up, he told her that he doesn't understand how I can be happy doing a worthless job, that doesn't require any brains -good job cos I didn't get any GCSE's at school :D

    He told her that all Engineers are stupid, and are stupid for going to Iraq/Afghan, and that no one needs the Engineers but everyone needs the REME. When she questioned him on whether the two military funerals I have been to this year were stupid and worthless as they were both Engineers, he more or less said yes :x

    So, she told him to wind his neck in (must of got that one from me!), and take it up with me at her works Christmas Do next week.

    So here's my question, what do you think would be better for the little civvy sh*t...a quick jab to the throat, or shall I take a more subtle approach? :twisted:
  2. wait for him to sidle off to the pisser , then drag him through the piss trough , only let him out after hes drank at least a pint.
  3. Get your missus to tell him that hes doing a womans job (I gather he does the same that she does?) and his dad cant be a 'proper officer' being in the REME* as the job he does is basically what a branch manager of Kwik-Fit does.

    Then get her to stab him in the throat with a letter opener.

    * Arrse REMEs. No offence meant, just good for the argument mentioned. ;)
  4. I can't beleive how some people can be like that :evil:

    Go with the subtle approach and then give him a good kicking anyway :twisted:
  5. Get your missus to tell him RE wives give birth to real men as oppossed to REME wives forever popping out poofs.

    No slur on reme arrsers intended.

  7. I think humiliating him in front of people by exposing him as an ignorant, insensitive arrsehole who has no concept of the Army as a varied team should about do it.

    However being ex-Inf I wholeheartedly approve of your proposed throat surgery and reckon that you should do so at some point in the evening.
  8. Keep a close eye and a keen distance, wait till he heads to the toilet. Once he is behind closed doors, follow, enter, smash his face into the taps..... if your not sure how to do this properly, watch 'Scum'. Alternatively, If there is a pool table at the Xmas bash (or snooker table for that matter), remove one sock.... put 2 balls into the sock, apologise to the players..... follow knob into the aforementioned toilet and whack him...... walk back, put balls back on the table, say nothing and go and get a round in.

    If that all turns out badly, PM me, I have a contact who is a really good defence solicitor.

    4737 ....... the old ones are always the best !
  9. REME versus RE? He'd be on shaky ground if he was contesting this on the strength of his own service, but.......
    Ffs! :roll:
    Hopefully, your wifes colleagues can see this "Daddies boy" for the cock that he is.
  10. Last time I looked, RE were combat ...........
  11. I wouldnt bring up the corps v corps crap. Just tell him if he had any balls about him he would join up. That its not what you are in, but what you do, and that you have the balls to stick your neck out for queen and country. He will soon wind his neck in.
  12. You could also educate him that the REME was formed on the existing framework of the RAOC Engineering Branch, strengthened by the transfer of certain technical units and tradesmen from the RE as well as from the Royal Sigs and Royal Army Service Corps.

    If that doesn't shut him up then beat the cr*p out of him.
  13. Get your missus to complain that he has been touching her up ay work or making suggestive comments etc.
  14. Just find his missus and ask her to ask him to stop coming on to your missus.

    Explain that, because nothing has happened 'yet' you do not want to show him your military moves, but suggest that 'she' talks to him before anything happens.

    Tell her that 'you trust your misses' and his sexual advances are becoming so frequent that your missus is even thinking of taking him down the 'official route'.

    Tell her how bad that you feel. having to bring this up, but your misses doesn't want to feel mentally raped any more and this pestering must stop.

    Give her an hour before the key words sink in and 'she' takes him home for a chat!!!!!!!!
  15. Ignore the stupid little tawt, the more she bites the more he'll rant.I know we're the superior corps so I don't have to to about spouting it, as does every bloke in every corps and regiment in the army.