Civvy Qualifications From SNCO CLM

At the end of the SNCO CLM there was mention of being awarded a City and Guilds qualification on promotion to SSgt. What is the qualification and how do I go about applying for it? Thanks in advance.
you need to read DCI Army 47 / 2004 whch details the Army CLM Accreditation Strategy.

I believe that what you are talking about is a LCGI - Licentiateship of the City and Guilds which is equivalent to a Foundation Degree. The only criteria is that you must be a Sub Staff Sergeant. It will cost you £50.00 but this is a one off payment and can be claimed under SLC.

For more details do to the City and Guilds Website:

If it does not work, PM me for the forms.

Thanks a lot. What kind of stuff do I need to put on the CV because I haven't had a CV since I joined up!
Having spoken with the girl in HQ DETS(A) it does not matter too much, you simply put your career history in, outlining what you did in each job. The CV and application forms stays in DETS(A) and does not get forwarded to the C&G. It is simply held for audit purposes.

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