Civvy property matters

Any queries with civvi property problems; give these guys a call first:

National Federation of Property Professionals (NFoPP) They can offer advice on lettings and sales/ purchase problems. I am also happy to offer help on residential sales matters if you get stuck - 20 years experience of estate agency at local and National level, including working as a business practice officer (estate agency equivalent of the RMP's) for the above organisation. Just pm me (no lettings experience though I'm afraid).

MODs can you make this a sticky please? Thanks

Edited once to update/ add information. I now have a colleague working with me (ex-matelot) who is an independent whole of market mortgage consultant who can provide help and advice on that nature and deals with service personnel (mainly Navy) on a regular basis. Again, PM me if you would like him to contact you.

Second edit: Whilst I am 'away' for a little while, my office will be opening a new Letting and property management department so if you have any queries that the linky above can't help with or are looking to buy, sell or let in West Cornwall, then please get in touch.
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