Civvy Police punch up

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Xwhitetop, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Resisting arrest , got what he deserved , in a lot of countries he would have got a bullet in the head
  2. Thought the police did very well and I was suprised how many supportive/pro police comments that were attached to the film. None were negative. I don't care what you do, you don't swing at/punch a female police officer, (IMO), drunk or not. Had he connected, she would still be cleaning her clock now.

    Expandable baton however, continue to show how useless it is against someone who is under the influence.

    The only negative comment I would make is that the bloke managed to get up off the floor, despite being held by 3 officers, two of which were female.

    Had they possessed the physical strength to restrain the drunk, he might not of got the chance to re-arrange her makeup.

  3. Well done to the police. Personally I would have been tempted to use that

    baton on his head. Incidents like this must help build a good case for the

    taser. I have always had my doubts about women officers being put into

    situations like this.....but....good on 'em.
  4. Good on the Plod,that Bloke was an absolute Tit...Although it could of done with a bit more Raw Aggression on the Bobby's behalf,once that bloke went down he should of stayed down,but i suppose that all boil's down to Police Recruitment and what perticular "Type" of person they go for these day's... :)

    of person they are looking
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm not sure I could do that job. I'd have been using the baton and my fists on the other muppets too.
  6. Very poor 'hands on' skills by those officers. Especially the women, but let's not go there.
  7. Police where very restrained, the knobs shouting should have been locked up as well, when they surge forward after repeated warnings that CS would have been emptied in as many faces as possible if it was me.

    Notty I've seen an extendable baton snatched out a Bobbies hands and bent in front of him by stoned meathead who looked like he was breast fed steroids as a baby. That guy was only brought down when the single crewed Bobbie got assistance from 5 Bouncers ( My Bad, Door Supervisors) Who literally weighed him down under over 80 stone of muscle and he was still struggling when the TSG got to scene.
  8. Good lads, fair response to a p'ssed up thug.
  9. Well done Police!!
  10. I know I'm fik but any reason why this is in the AGC etc forum?
  11. Good effort 7/10 for effectivness. Policewomen have their place, but if they can't handle a minor public order incident...............

    Cover Officer was O.K but as already posted by thieftaker my CS would have been almost empty.

    Not the best example of Police at work. It does show one of the difficulties faced with restraint to provocation, use of force, public perception.
  12. From a civvy, with only family connections to the Plod (father is ex-Police), I'd say well done chaps, it all looked very restrained to me. In the light of the Sky News special on binge drinking and assaults by tanked-up scrotes this morning, a lot more of this wouldn't go amiss! Do we know if he was actually charged with anything?
  13. Damn good show. Not enough force deployed soon enough though. When he was down, he should have been kept down. They held onto the situation though without other parties getting involved, so that was a positive. These little tussles though sometimes have career ending potential, either through injury or legal causes, is it any wonder they try softly, softly first, rather than givng the chap a well deserved vibram boot print where it does the most good?
  14. Good training vid anyway. Pity the officer who was keeping the crowd back wasn't more involved in actually detaining the suspect. He seemed to know his drills. Gave the suspect a cheeky facefull at the 30 sec mark too. Nice touch.