Civvy paramedic to CMT 1 (V) ??

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dogfondler, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    Does anyone happen to know any details of the 'conversion course' that is completed by civilian-qualified paramedics on entry to the TA medical services? Specifically the syllabus and length of time taken to complete. Thanks in advance.
  2. Not aware that there is a conversion course for civvy paramedic to CMT 1 (V) ,Regular CMT 1 has to do civvy conversion to paramedic usually and if you are fully fleged civvy paramedic then you are more qualified than TA CMT 1 anyway
  3. No such thing existed as far as I am aware, though policy may have changed.
  4. Currently working in recruiting in a TA Med Regt and I have never heard of such a course/qual. We have 3 civ paramedics serving and they had to go the traditional cmt3, 2, 1 route.
  5. Looks like someone's feeding me duff gen, then. Recently spoke to a TA bloke in 144 who claimed to have joined as a CMT, come virtually straight on tour (H13) and had been told he would do a 'conversion' to CMT 1 on his return.

    Thanks for the replies, fellas.
  6. Sounds like he had just joined before unit deployed and fast tracked for tour, civ paramedic qual is the prefered choice for CMT (v) on front line duties as non nhs employed CMT (V) (i.e. nhs civ paramedic) in TA units are not worthy due to clinical governance and not being current and competent due to lack of practical training (civ paramedic does it as full time job) its a case of army training not worth a squat for TA unless its your civvi job anyway much like Doctors and Nurses. He must have at least been a CMT 2 and have done BATLS course prior to deployment and is probably due to do CMT 1 on his return.
  7. 144 huh, were you in the pub and did he have his beret on?

    He was probably bigging himself up!!
  8. Ha! No, the bloke was genuine. I was talking to him at Bastion. His info, however, appears flawed.

  9. My bold.

    144 have had a number of so-called tour tourists joining recently.

    Not worthy -interesting as until recently most regular army CMT's were not worthy because they didn't treat many people. Most CMT's that come from 144 you wouldn't know the difference as their standards are good.

    144's training is of the highest standard, don't tar all with the same brush.

    Most deploying wether CMT2(V) or 1 have done the CMT 1 Regular course & then BATLS.

    I've not known of a specific CMT(V) conversion course for either EMT's or Paramedics, they mostly go thruogh the long route but their are ways of avoiding this rubbish, which mainly comes from regular RAMC headshead, especially those brought up in Field Hospitals.
  10. 17THSEPTEMBER1944

    Apologies No disrespect to 144 or training as i know they do a lot within 16aab, was just making point that CMT 1 (V)s in some TA units are being dropped from OETs in preference to just joined Civ Paramedics who are then fast tracked for tour as this covers the operational criteria with next to no training required.

  11. The original question was "how is this done"

    Then these civvi Paramedics need to be classed as something, the army only sees them as CMT(V) still
  12. We currently have 5 CMTs on tour with 16Med Regt. They were all CMT1 (V) when mobilised. Took a bridging course (run by 225 MR) passed their EAT and then attended the CMT 1 Regular course at Keogh. This is happening again this year. We also have a couple of cmt 2(V) who wish to deploy- they have been turned down until they pass their CMT 1 (V) they are not considered eligible to go through the bridgeing/eat/cmt 1 reg route.

    As part of their mobilisation pathway they all attended BATLS with CMTs from 16.
  13. Ah what I forgot to mention is that 2 of these didnt attend the complete cmt 1 reg course (they did a shortened version at Keogh) due to their civ quals (1 paramedic, 1 RN), passed the exam and then deployed. THis particular pathway will NOT be repeated due to various reasons/concerns raised etc
  14. reading this thread lifts my heart. how many times do we fellow cmt's hear that we are for the chop ??
    as a stab cmt 1 aim proud to servre and help, and i dont have, or work in the civvy med world.
    like many others ive been to mecca ''keogh'' down the long road, yes my ''skills'' may be not as sharp as a civvy paramedic, however, were all cut from the same cloth,.. all the best to the lads and girls on tour, and pray to high you dont have to treat anyone...........