Civvy paramedic in reserves info on black serpent please

Greetings, I trained as an infantryman in the SADF a while ago, now here as a civvy paramedic also doing my bit in the RAF reserve as a paramedic.

Although there is some outline info on here about Black Serpent I would appreciate a direct contact within the organizing unit please.

Thank you for a brilliant site.
If you are at 4626 pop over to see the JPR lot they will have loads of info for you.
dangerousdave said:
at the risk of sounding like a mong.. whats Black Serpent? is it like p-coy? and could someone pm me details if TA ODPs can do this course? thanks 8)
It's a handy course for those who wish to become a Steely Eyed Dealer of Bandages
Just had a look at it, what utter bollox is being spouted off in there!

The only medics attached or working with SAS/SBS were ordinary guys doing a medics course.
Utter tripe, may be so of the SBS but the SAS! has 'Sneaky' (Militaty Forums resident 'expert' in all things SF) not heard of MSU?

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