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In all the time I have been in I have only attended 1 civvy parade (1992, my memory has gone). What is the score on saluting during 2 min silence and last post. The Mil ones I have been to, we have been stood at ease or at attention and / or saluted!

Not sure on a civvy one, any help!
It's just a personal thing, I usually have the 2 minutes stood to attention and salute on the final call. We get a mixed gathering of different ages and units at our my village memorial, but we all seem to do the same. Each to their own, the fact you're there is good enough, a sentiment which is unfortunately becoming less and less.
When serving it is WOs' and above. Up on the first note of the last post, through the two mins silence and down on the first note of reveille. Civvies I am unsure...couldn't hurt though!
In uniform and not as part of a formed body you should salute on the first note of the last post and remain there until the first note of the reveille (as blobmeister has so kindly said).

You should also salute on hearing the National Anthem.

In civvies you should not salute but if you are wearing a hat you should remove it at the times you would salute if you were in uniform.

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