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Civvy nurses working in Field hospital, Discuss

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by sittingstress, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. Are there civvy nurses working in shaiba or am I imagining this. Interested to know How, what, where, when!!!!


    Most strange
  2. Heard a rumour that they were going to employ civvy ITU nurses to make up the short fall within the military, no idea if its true or not.
  3. If it is true, then they will have to pay a considerable amount to intice UK nurses to go to Iraq. However, with our TA breathern volunteering so easily, I anticipated no problem in the nursing numbers.

    I think this shows the true state of the DMS if it is true.

    So over to you Foxy, any civvie nurse out there working or are some people dreaming?
  4. I've just had a phone call from an army oppo in Shaibah. The first thing he mentioned was the nurses there. Apparently some of them are very worthy of a length. Must be civvies then :D
  5. You should see some of the newly trained nurses coming of the conveyor belt these days 8O

    Somewhere along the line, somebody mixed up," Fat & ugly" with, "Thin & good looking" and we are now getting some stunners on the scene...........makes me wish I was 10 years younger :cry:
  6. DL,
    Bet you didn't complain about the standards of nurses when you were ten years younger!
  7. There was at least one civvy nurse working in Shaibitha A+E in June/July of this year as well as one civvy Physio
  8. Hindsight is a wonderful thing :roll:

    In those days I didn't know any better :wink:
  9. The standard of nurses has not changed in the slightest, 10 years ago he was able to see properly thats all, now age (and an old man's libido) have changed his outlook. :twisted:
  10. Laugh, i nearly cried. And i bet hes even married to an ex-QA.
  11. I must admit my eyesight is failing me at times and I am possessing a few wrinkles...................but I remember the days when.................and she took off.......................................stood there smiling..........................all QAs did it.......................................had me there.................made me the man (or old man) I am now :wink:
  12. Looks like the senile dementia is starting as well :cry:

    it will be over soon DL,


    don't you hate it when they start dribbling :roll:
  13. with shabiah field hospitial being clean and most of the staff speaking english and no akward relatives turning up ,and most patients apprectating
    treatment or at least doing what they are told .Could quickly see the attraction for civvy nurses also probably being paid vast sums.Anyone know where i sign up :)
  14. With the current fiscal climate of cutbacks, surely they aren't going to sign up civvies for vast sums when they are making vast numbers redundant (or soon will!)?

    Reading what I have written thats too much like common sense......doesn't it? :roll:

  15. Sssssshhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone :wink: