Civvy names for military things

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by young_lofty, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. After reading the above post, I thought I would open the thread up.

    I've done this aswell you see, only a few nights back on a walk to the armoury with a couple of the lads. The random chatter started to go towards what we could call it instead. It was finally 'gun room' that we settled on, and intend to use it as often as possible to see how many other people pick it up. Childish yes, possibly monglike, but in my defence it was a bloody boring day.

    Other examples were 'clip-on knife' for bayonet, 'bullet holders' for magazines, 'jeep' instead of land rover- you get the idea.

    what other civvy names would you suggest for military kit that you would like to see catch on?
  2. Hold on Colour we can't shoot our guns yet, I just need get my ear muffs out of my army coloured rucksack.
  3. Security - Guardroom

    Staff Liaison Manager - RSM

    Fatigues - Combats (Americanisms could probably fill a thread of their own)

    Restaurant - Cookhouse

    And I know it's not really kit related, but another one that never fails to get a bite or two is Derry (Londonderry)
  4. I like to call anything that is metal and moves ... a "tank"
  5. Who cares what civvies call things, they probably call it the wrong thing. Nobody ever left home to become a civilian.
  6. Since when was a cookhouse anywhere near a restaurant?

    If you're a Sodexo shareholder it's a licence to print money!
  7. squaddy=smart chap in uniform? Unless next to a matelot who is really smart!!!LOL
  8. Apart from those in forces accn when they sign off... ;)

    NAAFI - the pub
    Bayonet - rifle-knife
    Beret - army hat

    And of course there's replacing sir with Boss for that Them effect... 8)
  9. Belt order - utility belt

    24h Rat Pack – unique tasteless nutritional supplements

    Landrover – Ute

    PT – bit of Gym stuff

    Battle PT – Gym stuff with a personal trainer
  10. When I was young, I joined the Army, not the Military - (Military is still an adjective in my dictionary).

    I was issued with 2 pairs of Combats (not Fatigues, though I frequently carried out fatigues, an activity*, not an item of clothing).

    I went to a Basic Training Depot, not a Boot Camp.

    I was taught to fire a Rifle, not an Assault Rifle.

    And a Pistol, not a Handgun.

    I used these weapons during Live Firing practices, not Target Practice.

    *viz: general cleaning and labouring duties.

  11. Body armour- bulletproof vest
    Smock- Army coat
    webbing- utility belt

    Edited as the_rattler beat me to the webbing one!

    I think I would go for PE instead of PT though.
  12. Ha yeah, them civvies, hey I've heard they call the Army.........................................the Army!!!!!!!!!! Mental.
  13. MT square=army car park

    Helmet=Hard hat
  14. SA80=Machine gun


    Respirator=Gas mask

    Cartridge or round=bullet


    Canteen=Water bottle

    Hexamine Stove=Camping stove

    Basha, hoochie=tent

    Boring thread?=This one?

    Baton round=rubber bullet

    DP round (inert)=Dummy round or even blank
  15. Guard room with cells - corner sweet shop that sells no sweets / or stripy bar hotel

    QM's - B n Q (staff are more attractive at the Qm's though)

    Accommodation block - self contained apartments

    Extras – volunteering to give back to the community

    ROPS – enhanced self discipline at a pre determined place

    Doubling around the square – motivational seminar

    The RSM - The Motivational Speaker

    The SSM - Assistant Motivational Speaker