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Discussion in 'REME' started by harris921, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Im a 25 year old car mechanic, I work in a VW dealer on VW cars and VW Vans, before this I worked on Renault cars for three years. I have completed an NVQ Level 3, three year advanced modern apprenticeship and have served 3 years post apprenticeship at VW in my current role.

    I do most of the heavy spannering stuff; Engines, cambelts, head gaskets, gearboxes, clutches, turbo's, general servicing, and abit of electrical work/fault finding.

    I am tired of the 9-5 slog, and seeing the same four walls everyday. I feel I am the right age and experienced enough to change careers and try something abit different.

    What kind of promotion and travel opportunities would the Army be able to offer me as a VM? Could I make Tiffy fairly quickly due to my qualifications and experience?

    Any general information would be greatly appreciated,

    Regards Harris921.
  2. You may be able to quicker promotion but this would depend on how well you did. It not just how good you as a VM you are, but also how you come across, show leadership potential and all round soldier skills etc. Possibly you could make tiffy quicker than average due to age/experience, but nothing is for sure. You may not fancy that once you join.
    Travel? As a VM you could be attached to almost any unit in the Army. Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada, Cyprus, and Belize the more common ones. Plus anywhere else really for short periods.
    Expect to work harder and longer then average soldier 'doing your job'. The kit is alot more bigger and robust than civvy cars. Do not expect many cambelts or head gaskets etc. You spend more time doing complete engine/assembly changes rather then spend lots of time stripping things and fixing them. Its the army way.
  3. Cheers, interesting read. We do alot of engines anyway and VW Crafters are twin rear axle 5.0 tonne, so pretty much a light truck. VE would have really appealed to me as I am getting more involved with the diagnostic side, shame they binned that trade really.
  4. Based on my experience above would VMA or VMB suit me more? Also how much electrical work is there for an army VM? Tracing wiring diagrams, checking wiring between the ECU and the component, checking for voltage drop/high resistance faults???????

    I would have ideally liked the VE trade but as it doesn't exist which of the VM trades offers me more electrical fault finding?
  5. You seem to know REME speak well for a civvy.....
  6. Ive already had a stab at it when I left school, ha ha. I passed out at pirbright in 2001 but was very disillusioned when I got to Bordon. SAT PT, SAT, odd jobs around the block, all of this was because of the 9 MONTH back log to get loaded onto a course at Bordon! I was only 17/18 and was very young and impatienet and decided to quit in favour of a civvy apprenticeship. This is why I already have a limited knowledge of the REME and the lingo.

    I assume the Army have sorted out those training issues with Bordon?????

    Anyway, what advice would you have to my questions above?
  7. I was in Bordon in 2007 on my upgraders and the craftys were still waiting for months on end just to get on trade training, and duty rumour from some mates on there upgraders say its still the same now.
  8. Cant believe they still haven't sorted this. When I left they were in the process of sifting out craftys with Maths tests, if you didn't meet the required test scores you were forced into something like metalsmith or reccy mech to get the amount of VMs down.

    They were also raising the entry requirements into the REME to GCSE grade C and employing more trainers from Vosper Thornycroft so they could run more VM courses. Obviously alot of this never happened!
  9. Am there on a course now the backlog is getting better but the downside is all the crows who are waiting are permanently on guard because there isn't enough off them to send on satt soldier etc
  10. Sounds like Bordon was as much a shi thole when you were there as it was when I joined. The difference is I was there in 1979. Bordon will never change but get through it and the world will open up afterwards. Good luck.
  11. Cheers guys, any more info on my original question of VMA or B based on my experience would be much appreciated. Which one offers more electrical diagnosis/fault finding?
  12. Ha ha, good point. Is there any form of fault code reading in the Army?