Civvy job at TA Regiment?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mennox, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Hi just curious here, i was at TAC on tuesday and got told that the regiment is looking for a few civvy sick at my current work atm and was wondering how it works if i took the job here?

    Who is the it M.O.D?
    What are they like for time off for the annual camp?
    Any additional info?

    Cheers in advance!
  2. Once upon a time there was a TA bloke. who took a civi store man's job. The TA bloke did the job well, in fact did it so well the QPSI could go skiing and what have you.

    But when the time came for the store man to need time for the TA, the God Almighty PSAO said NOOOOO!!!!!!! for we need you to count water bottle pouches and boil kettles and drive mini buses and the like! You can't go on courses and better yourself and the unit.

    Of course times might have changed but, I bet you could be a WOII but be treated like shite as a store man.

    The store man got his HGV Licence and lived happily ever after.
  3. Oh allright it was me!

    But how way am not wrong am I?
  4. I saw someone employed by the then HQ Scotland refused permission to go on annual camp with their unit.what was that all about?
  5. I know a few lads who work for the same unit as they do TA, its more grief than its worth, pay is shite

    My advice is join the regs
  6. The plebs shifting burgers in McDonalds have better career prospects than civvy store-men.

    My advice would be to get an education or a decent trade and then get a real job.
    Blanket counter at a TAC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  7. hmmm got me thinking now hehe

    Actually i got 2 trades....a Mason Pavior, havent done job for 7 years, and its soo hard to not get an agency job

    I have NVQ Lvl 2 Business Admin...sort of what i do where i work now but seriously pissed off with it

    Ive started as an office junior in this job and thats gotta be pretty low
  8. 4 years ago I was in the same position you’re in now.
    I was the office cold calling pleb earning a pathetic £16k, but I turned that around with a bit of graft and experience.

    Your pay and responsibility prospects are far better in an office environment than at your TAC.

    I’d recommend that you stick with the office work and try and get a few industry qualifications.
    Have you considered rebadging in your TA role to improve your civvy job prospects?
    You could change over to the AGC ( * shudder * ) and gain qualifications/experience that would be of use to you.

    Don’t take a job at your TAC.
  9. cheers for advice mate

    tbh there is no more prospects of getting anymore promotions at the place i work now...mainly as its a small company (18 people) and about 70% of the workers have been there along reason to leave there is because of one person who has had something against me since i started, but seeing as him and the 3 Directors are very close friends its abit difficult.

    Im not too fussed about my civvy job atm, aslong as i can get on with the work and i can concentrate on the TA without the hassle then ill be happy.

    I wouldnt consider changing my cap badge either as im proud to be in the regiment i am in...and plus im going the Driver trade route with the possibility of doing dual trade (sigs) so i can get up the promotiob ladder.

    Tbh what is so bad about a TAC job?
  10. Store-man norman is a dull job with shite pay and wont look very good on your CV when you decide to move on (unless you dream of being a professional blanket counter for the rest of your life 8O ).

    If you’re only criteria for a civvy job is to find something that allows you to concentrate on being a part time soldier why don’t you join the regs and do the job you love full time?
    You’d have a career you can be proud of, a decent pension when you’re done, and it’ll put you in a good position to get a decent civvy job at the end of your service.
  11. yea mate ive thought about it, would love to join regs but few things hamper it straight away...mainly the lass, no way would she let me join regs when having 2 youngs boys and the fact that it was hard enough to persuade her to let me join TA.
    Then there is bills, the TA (when i finally get paid) will help out on a few...

    i know, they are excuses but good ones in my for my CV so far...

    no grades at school higher then D,
    NVQ Lvl 1, 2 & 3 in Highway Maintenance (Mason Pavior Apprenticeship)
    Unemployed for 2 years
    NVQ Lvl 2 Business Admin - Started as office junior, now do abit of everything, pretty boring and very quiet during the somewhat summer.
    IT Essentials Qualification
    TA Soldier - going as Driver as trade

    its not the best CV but just its hard getting a job tbh...bah i dont even know what im talking about now lol
  12. As Goku has said, stick with your civvy job. Granted you may not have the best of qualifications but in a few years that won't matter because you will have experiance, which usually counts for more than pieces of paper.

    Of course if you (and your other half) will be happy never getting off the bottom rung of the job/career ladder then take the storeman job and after that move into the next easy but low paid job that comes along. But I bet that in 5 years time you will be kicking yourself when your peers are getting paid more for a 35hr week than you are for a 40+hr week.
  13. Employer is the unit, via the MoD. Working terms and conditions will be set by the unit.

    One thing that I've seen is that during the working week you're still regarded as Cpl Smith. If your civvy job has a TA equivalent, (and it's not you) then you could end up having battles there. If not, at weekends there's a pretty good chance you'll be pressured to do your civvy job but in uniform.

    That might be good, but the unit may eat up your MTD's on doing overtime that they're not willing to fund via the Civil Service.

    There's a good chance to get to do TA courses that will help the unit such as AA CQMS and RQMS, as well as HGV/JCB. If you want to do the job as a stepping stone to something else, then this might suit you.

    And because you're there Monday to Friday you'll also end up being far more in the loop then the rest of the unit.

    Of course, that also means that your TA hierarchy might be asking you to do TA jobs during the working day "because you're there", so you might end up doing TA jobs when you should be in the stores doing your civvy job.
  14. tbh i like doing different things during day, so if i get asked to do TA stuff while doignt he stores civvy job then so be it...gimme a little more experience that way. The unit is real small atm (11 altogether, 7 regs which are JNCO/SNCO's) good bunch of people too. As of work atm, i am basically sitting around on my arrse on the internet all day coz there is bugger all to do but i prefer to be working all day.

    As with my current job i do 42.5 hours a week and get £500 more then what i would get working in stores, and where im working now is very little chance to move up ladder. I will find out more info on Tuesday
  15. were you in 7/8th Argylls were you ?cos I know a guy who went through the same thing...If it is you were at my wedding..and I was recce in Dumbarton...? :wink: