Civvy in Mess - advice please

Discussion in 'Officers' started by bigpod, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. I am supposed to be attending Summer Ball this W/E, but find I probably cannot get suitable DJ, etc. in time. Should I
    a) offer apologies now (upsetting wife, etc)
    b) keep on trying to get DJ and risk not having it on the night (causing potential of empty seats at Ball)
    c) something else
    Any suggestions wwelcome - sorry, no prize for the best
  2. Cannot get a dinner jacket in 4 days? What's your excuse?
  3. what do you mean "probably cannot get" - what have you tried?

    you can surely rent one, or even buy a cheapo one from burtons or somewhere. i picked one up for one-time use for £58 last year in burtons - perfectly adequate.

    so stop being a cheapskate and sort your admin out :)
  4. You have paid for the function, now pay for a DJ - even if you have to hire one.

    Crack on then.......
  5. M&S have very suitable dinner suits, racks of the feckers, for a not bad price. Civvy attitude to a very manageable problem!
  6. You could try Googling Moss Bros
  7. Always try the Chariteee shops mate!!!!Sometimes have some poppickingtastic DJs
  8. If you can't get a DJ what about a live band. Much better in my opinion. :) :)
  9. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer


    "Attention, Attention! This is a wah alert, move into hard cover and don protective equipment, this is not a test. I say again, Attention, Attention! This is a wah alert, move into hard cover and don protective equipment, this is not a test. End of Broadcast."

  10. :oops: Can't get one to fit me :oops:
    and there's no M and S near Gutersloh
  11. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mysteron, I have donned CBA and helmet and I am in the wah bunker. However, peering cautiously out, if this is not a wah, my advice to bigpod is:

    Do you any mates who are not going but can lend you their DJ ? Or perhaps getting in a car, driving to a big, fcuk-off city and a decent shopping area might be a solution...or buy one online and get it shipped out by DHL or similar on a 24 hours delivery.

    In short, bigpod, this really is very simply solved, so I suggest you unfcuk yourself, get off your arrse and sort your admin out.
  12. Late addition Gutersloh, that bit of info slip your mind.
  13. So you're a fat knacker? There's no shortage of them Sausage-side. I'm still sure you can find something suitable schnell. Just make sure they don't dupe you into buying the ceremonial spiked helmet. Come to think of it, Goering was a bit of a clothes horse and he had an office in Gutersloh. Ask around camp and see if any of his old mess dress hand-me-downs are still knocking around.

    If all else fails, get in the car and head down to Modena in Italy where Pavarotti is buried. Don't forget a shovel and a wrecking bar just in case his missus has already flogged his old gear.
  14. Try doing this then, just a little paint and a few hours work and the jobs done.