Civvy Hiking Daysack... any reccomendations?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Walt_Disney, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone offer me any wisdom regarding 30-45L civvy daysacks for hiking?

    I've seen a lot of Berghaus Freeflows on offer- anyone got/used one?

    What's the deal with the zippy-bits on the sides of a lot of rucksacks now? Do they increase the main compartment or are they just folding pockets?

    Oh, and I'm preferably after something that is being given away FREE by some charity for financially incompetent outdoorsmen.
    Failing that, anything much more than £50 and i'll resort to using a bin-bag on a stick.
  2. Yeah I've got one of those Berghaus Freeflow and they're pretty good stuff - excellent for the sweaty amongst us! Think mines about 35 litres (fine for a day out, even in winter) and only set me back about £35. Mine is a bit too old to have the zippy bits on the side but think they can be glorified pockets or might expand the bag a little.

    Tend to see a few getting flogged on ebay
  3. i own a freeflow 3( 35 + 8 ) with the zip pockets...good for an overnighter rucksack and one of the most comfortable daysacks i've worn (when fuly loaded) Brill cos i sweat a lot pockets bulge a little inside the sack and outside....but they are ok if you've only got a few things in them. I know it will last for decades cos berghaus are good for that as well. Cost me £55..if you get one at cotswolds you can get squaddie discount if you flash your id :wink:
  4. I use a Deuter 32, it has the back system of a freeflow, and is designed like a slimed down version of a normal civi burgen. I found it to be very good, but it can be a bit expensive.
  5. The Berghaus Freeflow is an excellent bit of kit and the way to go. I have used regularly mine in hills for approx 18 months now with no issues. Size is just right for a day / more - with a bit of intelligent packing I used on 2 day traverse of Cuillin Ridge (Skye) with bivi kit & 6litres of water. Plus points: The inner pocket will take a Camel Back bladder and the sac has a H20 outlet. There is an integral rain / pack cover. Minus points: The frame stops you rolling / compressing into a larger bergan / grip... but I would't have it any other way.
  6. I have the same one and it is the mutt's nuts.
  7. berghaus arete 35 is fcuking brill! about 40 squid from most places. taunton leisure, based around the south west do 10% military discount.

  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I've got a freeflow (45+8 I think). Cracking bit of kit. It's also got an internal pocket for a camelback bladder and slit in the top flap for the tube plus a waterproof cover stashed in the top. As gas_guzzler points out the frame does make it a bit large to pack away when empty but otherwise great.
  9. Visit and check out their reviews section (sorry, can't do a link). Try Trail or TGO magazines (though you'll need access to back issues for the relevant gear review). Do not try Country Walking magazine unless you are a pensioner with an interest in low level rambles that present no challenge at all - in which case you won't be needing a day sac such as you are asking about.
  10. oldbaldy

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    I'll help you out then:
  11. Thanks!
  12. Currently half price-clearance (£30) at Field and Trek (can't find it on the site but it's in the catalogue). I think the extra size of the Berghaus 35+8 would be good, but its more like £50... Decisions!

    In the mean-time I have dusted off my Granpa's old Bergan's Original. Makes me look like the last Gebirgsjager, still going strong after over 50 years... they don't make 'em like they used to!