Civvy Helicopter Transporting Royal Marines on Exercise

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Check_0ne_Two, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. At the risk of looking a prat I wanted to highlight something I came across this morning and ask if it was common practice.

    I regularly visit strategy and get a fix on articles and photo's etc.

    This morning I noticed this photo: - scroll down-

    With the following info.

    I thought it a little strange that a non RN / RM transport would be ferrying Marines and wanted to know where this aircraft was from. So I googled the serial number and found that it belonged to British International Helicopters based in Penzance.

    My question is that is common practice to sub out transport work on exercises?! or is this a symptom of shortages and over tasking? Or quite simply could it be a one off with mitigating circumstances..
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bristows flew us all over the Falklands and in reasonable comfort!
  3. although carrying civvies and picking up troops on exercise was probably pushing it a little. :?
    some of the pilots were a little odd there was one old Aussie pilot who claimed a nam vet was certainly a bit odd.
    mind you ten years in the Falklands would do that to anyone :twisted:
  4. Of more interest to me is the thought that the Septics have a ship called Laboon.

    Oh, and why was there anything in the air on the 16th.

    And is the caption correct? ANGLICO doesn't sound very cabbage-head to me, more like USMC.
  5. Are these the new helicopters being brought in to replace the the current Search and Rescue one's?
  6. Decent helicopter the 61, I've crew changed on it a few times while working out of humberside. Plenty room inside compared to the puma's.
  7. No, this one is a basically a civvy Sea King.

    Google s-92 for new SAR
  8. I guess all the available military helicopters were either busy on ops, buzzing around West Cornwall or having engine-changes.

    And yes, the S-61 is a Gentleman's Aerial Conveyance.
  9. Thanks for sharing this with the world. Did you manage to get many photos? Stay put and the nice police officers will be around to see you shortly...
  10. Sorry, what? Everything here is from the public domain.

    Edit: If this is considered to be bad OP Sec then could the mods please delete and lock.
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    OPSEC walt!
  12. Crap journalism thats all. They are not Royal Marines indeed if anyone is inside the cab...
  13. In all fairness BB, it does say taking off AFTER transporting etc etc
  14. We have used civvy helicopters for years on various exercises and Operations when needs must, to be fair not often.

    The helis currently used in Belize, Brunei and Cyprus are civvy helicopters, just painted the way we want them. I know of a couple of occasions in BATUS where they have hired local helis for OPFOR, crap ones too.
  15. :D