Civvy Gym's a rip off

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sabre, Jan 11, 2005.

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  1. I am writing this so the rest of you dont get caught in the same trap i did.

    In december 2004 i thought about doing something with my fitness and join a civvy gym (nothing bad so it seems since i have been out a while)

    Basically i joined the gym (LA Fitness) at a cost of around £45 a month
    to improve my general fitness.I was told yeah we will even provide one to one training etc...
    When i joined (for a year)i thought fantastic, means i can get on doing the things i wanted to do , such as free weights and other things, and get myself back up to the a decent level of fitness.
    I was told to report for an assessment on a certain day which i did, they basically showed me around te gym and how to use the equipment, along with 5 others.
    I was then told to report for a one to one with the local fitness queen where they can work out a fitness plan to achieve my goals.
    Not a problem i hear you say.
    Upon attending this my blood pressure was taken and found to be one point higher than there normal limits. I didnt realise until it was taken that i had high blood pressure).
    I was then told that i couldnt use the gym till my blood pressure had been reduced and i had a letter from the doctor.
    When in consultation with the doctor they said my blood pressure was slightly high but i could use the gym. This being said i consulted the gym who still refused.
    You can see one problem, I was caught in a catch 22 situation.
    I couldnt use the gym coz my pressure was just slightly high, but inturn i couldnt get fit in the gym to reduce the blood pressure!!!
    When i said ok i want to cancel at the gym. I was then told the only ways were to either get a friend to take over my membership, or to pay the £545 pounds for the year subscription!
    The blood pressure should have been taken before i signed anything, which was a failing of the gym!
    I have sinced paid the £545 to cancel my membership after a long and bitter argument with the director of LA FITNESS, but they are unco-operative.
    There has been a number a of compinants about this company and some other gyms.
    I Know i should have read through the contract fully before signing it, but lets be fair how many people would if they wished to join a gym!

    PLease be aware people, these people are there to rip you off!
    Dont say i havent warned you
  2. b@stards.
    well done in naming and shaming them , im sure hundreds of arrse members reads this and informs their friends of their lack of coustomer care.
    if it happens to me i would leaflet people outside the gym and they can't sue you because its true and you are in the public area outside.
    you can only sue for falsehood.
    if it happened to me i would be so mad that i would do just that, they would wish they hadn't crossed me.
  3. Don't quote me, I don't profess to be a lawyer, but I had a similar situation with a mobile phone company - they provided the phone, connected it, then discovered that there was no coverage in our area. Citizens advice said I had been mis-sold, and could take them to small claims court. Lawyers letter did the trick, cost £50, best £50 spent. :twisted:

    You could try the "Failed to disclose material information relating to my application" line, in that they should have checked BP before accepting you, or (alternatively) try the "Unfair Contract Terms Act" - you had no way of knowing their rules beforehand, and again, they should have given you the check-up before taking your cash.

    At the very least, you get the opportunity to gob off at them in a letter or two. Worst case scenario, you lose another £50, but put the sh1tters up them! :lol: :lol:

    Hope this gives you a few ideas!
  4. Small Claims Court is the way to go. The court is designed to help the small guy. For example if you, being the punter, wish to sue a company and you live in the Outer Hebrides, you sue them in your local (Hebridean) court and they have to travel to you if they wish to defend the case. The costs of employing a lawyer for half a day would outweigh the £500 involved. Also, if they fail to respond to the summons in 30 days you win by default.

    Regardless of what the contract says, the judge can overrule it. In your case it seems reasonable that you shouldn't have to pay for a subscription you cannot use and haven't used.

    Sue the bastards. I did it last year (not a gym). £5000 plus the court costs, plus interest. :D
  5. when in discusions with them about there policys i actually said they should have taken the BP before allowing me to sign up.
    And i quote from the club manager 'WE are NOT doctors'
    My argument stated this being the case then why restrict me on the equipment i can use, as obviously you are doctors if you say i cant use the equipment!!!'
    I also stated about the bp being taken before hand and apparently there ideal is a form you have to sign that they take as gospil even though you dont know you own BP!! When quote ing about the doctors thing they condtridicted themselves.
    Basically you wont win, dont sogn until you read !!
  6. considering it costs for my lawyer £343 an hour (i knew i went into the wrong job) And all this no win no fee business thing, Yes you will get 100% of the compensation but thats with out the fee on top so your gonna end up paying what ever it costs
  7. Honestly, you do NOT need a lawyer. Just nip down to the court , explain to the bod behind the counter, pay the fee (peanuts) and let them do the work. The Small Claims thing is designed so that Joseph Public can fight evil corporations without lawyers.

    The company won't take the risk even to fight it. A judgement against them is recorded and affects their credit rating and that's death to a business.
  8. good way to go via the small claims route.

    the resulting publicity in the local rags would too much for them.
    i am sure any reasonable judge would think you have been conned as i would to
  9. I happen to be a member of LA Fitness and have the benifit of hindsight

    All this report for intro is bollox, I used the gym from day one, never had anything except a quick once around gym, all I was there for was to know how the running machines worked, and was given some really bone schedule that I tried once nd thought, nah I can do better

    As I say benifit of hindsight but you should of fcuked the whole intro thing off and went straight in and used the kit

    Unless the suckered you in with that money back guarentee ting of course :twisted:
  10. Sabre

    Hate hearing crap like this - when companies/businesses/councils/etc take the p1ss because they think they know the law better than yourself - main reason why I took up legal studies in the first place.

    Hope the above shows that you can indeed take this further. £545 is a lot to lose, although an expensive lesson is learnt - the print is small for a reason! :wink:
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Just cancel the direct debit, photocopy your bare arse and fax it through to them.

  12. If only the suggestions had come about before you paid the 545. Now that you've paid it they might be able to argue that you admitted fault on your part by paying.
  13. Nice idea, but my arse is now so fat it wouldnt fit on the photocopyier, coz these idiots wont allow me to use the gym !!
  14. Used to belong to a private gym, costing £340 per yr + session fee
    now belong to a council gym cost, £2.50 per session
    much the same kit just crappier music and paintwork