Civvy GPSs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by golfsierra, May 9, 2006.

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  1. for those who have a life :lol: .
    They can be jammed
    They are not as accurate
    And if you buy one which is a combined radio it will broadcast your exact location to all and sundry if you use the radio bit :oops:
    So either get the issuse one with up todate crypto key or use a civi one (but not for calling in fire ) and for **** sake dont use the ones with combined radio if there is an enemy .
  2. Hmmm... the barrel clamp needs moving further up the mortar. (1:16 into the film)

    The best advice is to use GPS as an aid to map reading, not as an alternative.
  3. GPS like a compass is a tool, not the be all & end all.

    How many squaddies actually use all the functions on even the most basic GPS?

    Garmin & alike should make one with just 2 buttons, on/off & you are here.
  4. Better still, one that doesn't have a display - has to be placed on a map and a computerised female voice says "Cold... warmer..... very warm....... hot"
  5. I've got one similar to that in the car :lol:

    It usually functions just after I pass the exit that I need, I hear a female voice saying 'that one ... ermm ... I think ... yes that one ... errmmmm ... right ... right ... errrmmmmm ... left I mean ... ... oh you've missed it ... '

    8O I'm thinking about getting it upgraded ... ? :lol:
  6. LOL at both of above.
  7. Diverging fron the subject a bit here - but does anyway know where to get cheap Car Sat Nav?
  8. I bought the garmin i3 from halfords for £130 a few months ago. It has full postcode search, and what may seem to be a tiny screen but is actually a perfect size. I beleive you can find them cheaper in curry's.
  9. I have a yellow etrex which is the most basic one i think, I use it as a last ditch where the **** am I type tool, before that its map n compass, also comes in handy when I arrive home I can show on multi map where I have been etc
  10. I have a TomTom GO 500 which is that that bad! and with the Safety (Speed) Camera Alert set to 'Star Trek Red Alert' it warns me what the local speed limit is in plenty of time! Not 100% foolproof but like the GPS use it a Guidance NOT Gospel..... Best bit is went you ignore a direction and the voice trys to get you back on course, then gives in and re-computes a new route!!! And GR I have never missed a turning, unless I intended to.....
  11. I have just aquired a Magellan GPS 315 (Cheers cheeser!) Does anyone have a copy of the DataSend software knocking around????