Civvy fitness instructor qualification?

Hi all. My wife is keen to do a fitness instructor course and a sports nutrition course. There seems to be a lot of 4 day courses on the web which frankly look a bit bogus to me and seem designed to part us from our cash for a worthless certificate.

We live in Ireland now (as I'm now out), but if the course was worth it, she could travel no problem.

Does anyone know of a course that would be good to do? I would really appreciate your advice.

thanks very much!


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Having had a few mates go down this path in Scotland, and assuming the rules are at least similar, I would recommend that she approaches the local council of the area she plans to work in. I am aware that some authorities accept some qualifications and not others, and it could be worth her while checking first what are recognised before splashing out.

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I'm currently doing my Gym Instructor Level 2 Course with Futurefit. A bit pricey and all studying is e-learning with a face to face assessment on the practical side. This qual gains you entry onto REPS - Register of Exercise Professionals - but they do also help you find your first job in the industry.

Hope this info helps
Your main aim is to do a level three Reps course. That way you can train special populations etc. Many gyms ask for that level nowadays. I recommend Premier at Trowbridge is the best....... Much better than YMCA. I agree that they are all expensive
I would say that ACSM is old school. They have created a basis for fitness. Study human movement. could be a resourse thats is handy...............
pt on the net is good and not to pricey but ACSM are still used as a reference point by many awarding bodies in the fitness field.
You could of course try Ian King? Good reputation as a trainer but his courses are very involved!
The fitness industry is so big now with so many fields. You could spend your life studying and finding that what you believed was gospel has now been turned on its head.
Get onto a course that does:

Fitness training
Special population - pre - post natal, hypertention, osteoporosis, diabetes etc.
Sports injury massage
holistic massage
Circuit training

That way you have everything covered.......... You are the whole package Reps level 3. Then if you want more do higher education. I know many people that have tried to go other routes aqnd have not been satisfied with the results.
thanks very, very much to you all - I really appreciate and I know she will when I tell her - when she gets back from her yoga class!

Cheers again - thanks for taking the time.