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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by hammy123, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know of any training providers / companies who deliver first aid courses to civvies? Im going for my MLT qualification and I need a supporting first aid qual, ideally a course geared around outdoors / hill walking / trekking type of thing. I can find plenty of first aid course providers but not a lot who will deliver to individuals as opposed to large groups or companies. Anyone know or recommend anything?


  2. Hammy - depending on where you are

    CRT Medical (Wales)
    Mountain Water (Hartlepool)
    Pete Cunningham (Lakes)

    all good, the first two I have personal experience of and are brilliant (according to my staff)
  3. cheers for the PM, now heading in the right direction
  4. I think I'll give mountain water a shot, quite local

    thanks for the pointer
  5. St John Ambulance
    Red Cross
  6. yeh, I tried them but ideally I need a course catered to outdoor activities which is recognised by MLT and the MLTA, as a lot of people on here, I did a load of first aid whilst serving and went through an RMA cert, but unless I have an up to date piece of paper its no good, got to keep elf and safely happy
  7. i got mine through british red cross, First Aid at work is a great civvy qual
  8. You could always cut to the chase and just do a course at the Brenin that has specialised Mountain first aid courses.

    Good luck with your ML mate
  9. Hammy,

    AMTC at Ripon run a "wilderness first aid" course that'll see you for 3 years after qualifying.

    I did it last year and the certificate is ok for the MLTA/BMC quals.

    Incidentally have you joined MLTA/BMC because its better to go on your MLT with a logbook as you can get it stamped up before you leave, also, when I did my MLT they didn't require any first aid qual, my only advice is to square away your mountain nav and have a bash at some rope/knot work with some cordage.

    Hope this helps?
  10. There is actually no legal requirement for a formal qualification to lead others in the hills in UK. The HSE (as the enforcement body) will accept equivalent training, in-house assessment of competence and/or 'suitable experience' (eg service personnel can do a five-day UEL/MLT course, but this does not equate to MLTA assessment)

    However, since 'employers' (including voluntary employment such as charities) must cover themselves, it is the norm for them to ask for the appropriate certificates (this is also forced upon them by their insurers)

    So it is the 'employer' (not the HSE) who asks for these certificates (not a criticism BTW, I'm also doing this myself :D )

    This first-aid course provider is HSE approved (based in Surrey): and there are many other HSE-approved courses available nationally via St Johns/Red Cross and mountaineering/outdoor instructors (Andy Sheriff in Denbigh, Wales is one, several in Scotland)

    MLTA requirements: ...the Health and Safety Executive approve First Aid providers and MLT recognise courses delivered by these providers. The course must involve at least two days or sixteen hours of instruction, include an element of assessment and cover basic life support and emergency aid. It is the responsibility of award holders to evaluate their likely work and the type of situations that they can reasonably expect to encounter and to maintain current appropriate first aid training and qualifications.

    Enjoy the course and good luck with your assessment :wink:

    Have you had much practice at leading/controlling groups? (I believe that is why a few people fail assessment, so get plenty of practice between your course and your assessment 8) )
  11. Have a look at:

    It's run by a TA medic, and the emphasis is on hands-on and hill time rather than death by powerpoint.

    Conflict of interest: I occasionally help out on the mountain courses, so take what I say as possibly not being impartial :wink: but that said the anonymous feedback forms from clients, including MLs/MICs etc do rate the course very well.
  12. My bold - yes there is. If an organisation/individual is leading groups aged under 18 and those groups are paying, then they must have a valid, in date AALA (Adventure Activities Licence Authority) registration and this requires instructors/leaders to have ML assessment certification. it is however permissable for a 'competent second' to have in-house assessment only.

    This is not a requirement for organisations who work only with over 18 yr olds - however it is seen to be good practice if they do have an AALA licence.

    For earlier posters - it is a requirement that prior to going for assessment a candidate must already be a member of the MLTUK and thus will have a log book which must have details of the minimum number of quality hill days.

    It is also a requirement to have a valid first aid certificate and in although once ML assessment is passed there is no requirement for a periodic reassessment, it is a requirement to have a valid first aid certificate to ensure your ML is valid.
  13. My apologies, if this is being done with children and for commercial gain, then yes they need AALA license.

    Thanks for pointing that one out :oops: :D