Civvy EMT (South African) to RAMC?

Evening all, hope everything be well.
I'm a South African Firefighter/AEA (Intermediate Life Support Practitioner) from Johannesburg, SA. Lately I've been thinking about joining the Army as a medic and I'd just like to get a bit of an idea what it's like?

I checked out the official site's information but it seems a tad honey coated to me, I work in the Jhb Inner city and have a huge exposure to both medical and trauma incidents, something that I think would be useful if I was to join the Armed Forces. Some of what I'd like to know is, what are realistic entry requirements as a military medic? What is a CMT's Scope of Practice? What are the expected operational requirements of a CMT? When leaving the forces, what qualifications can a CMT come out with? Will my experience as a Medic be useful to me?

A bit about me.

My old man was born in Crawley to a Scots family, so I have dual citizenship.
I have a handful of IGCSEs/HIGCSEs from Cambridge International Exams, I also have a Level 3 Certificate in Fire Engineering from the IFE UK as well as my before mentioned ILS and Firefighting qualifications.

When I was slightly younger and dumber than I am now I used to frequent this wonderful site with an eye towards being a Marine, when I got older I realized how much I love burny and bleedy things and headed towards the Fire Dept. To be honest I think if I was to make the leap to the Forces I would probably come back to the Fire Service when I left, but I really have an attraction to the idea of joining up and I also think it would make me a better medic.

Any thoughts/advice/harsh words are welcome.
Nice to see this site is still going strong.
Regards, MC
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