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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Are they all ***** ?

    I had to get a reduced camp as my boss had booked me on a course for the first week of my annual camp

    I get in today less than a week before the course starts and find my civvy course is cancelled and the boss has taken tomorrow off

    Its bad enough having to take a reduced camp and suffer the scorn of the rest of the regiment but to go through all the hassle and extra arrangments and then find its a waste of time is beyond the joke

    I ******* hate lazy schimfing dripping waste of space civvy ***** :evil: :evil:
  2. Don't know why you're grumbling - at least your firm sends you on courses. My firm expects us to be psychic.

    Remember the pearls of wisdom that are frequently spouted on these pages - Family, Work, TA.

    (Personally, I'd say bollocks to that, I joined the TA 6 years before meeting the wife and starting work and I believe in doing things in chronological order!)

    edited to add - why does bollokcs get auto-censored to balls?
  3. Do like a mate did, went on camp for the whole two weeks, told work he failed the first course and then went straight out on camp, they sent him on another course two months later. Or just get out on the full camp, no ones expecting you at work anyway when you come back just act like nothings happened.
  4. Yes civi employer can be a pain in the arse. Mine wouldn't let me go to the sandy place and generally didn't have a clue about man-management.

    So I told them to sod off and spent the last year in green kit]

    Happy days
  5. Don't get me started on courses!!

    But isn't your Unit like that too? So we're getting it in the neck from all angles really!!
  6. Work dropped me in it last minute and I can't do camp now, so I've had to drop my unit in the poo too, probably end up getting shouted at by somebody somewhere. Thing is I'm sure there's been courses/weekends/plans cancelled/moved/elephants on many occaisions TA wise so there's no leg to stand on.

    Ah well, I'm waiting for OC and in-tray, there goes the shot at my first.
  7. If your OC isn't sympathetic then he's a complete knob. Not that it helps you mind, but I've yet to meet a TA soldier who has not had similar problems at some point. A TA OC who fails to appreciate that civvy employers expect you to do the job you're getting paid for needs to have a word with themselves.

    And, as you point out, the inability of the system to plan ahead much of the time means that employers aren't willing to put themselves out as they don't trust the Army not to mess you - and therefore them - around. If work expects me to plan two weeks off with my family well in advance they expect the same for two weeks at camp. And of course if you get extra time off for the TA then it's seen as a freebie and not an entitlement, hence more likely to be subject to cancellation. And don't get me started on the whole "Anyone want a gucci camp - next week" farce.
  8. Don't worry mate, we would heap scorn on you anyway even if you did go on camp! I'm not going either, but I will be having many beers while I sit next to my BBQ and I will raise a glass to all our muckers running around in Sennybridge sweating like hooded rapists!

  9. My work were quite arrsey about me taking time off for TA until one day a colleauge slid a brown envelope accross my desk with a print out from the staff handbook which stated i was entitled to two weeks extra paid leave for TA Camp and any further days required payed off too (as long as i have a letter), Slates-1, office wallers-0
  10. Result!!! I get 2 weeks special paid leave too, except I can only get one week paid leave at a time - 1 camp, 1 course :D I love the benefits of the health service (apart from the fact the job sucks balls)

    I had a moan about this earlier this year as I wasn't allowed to go to Florida by my employer, but I wasn't exactly given a great deal of notice about it from TA; to be fair, my boss has been very understanding; I got plenty of leave for training last year. Now I hear from my mates out there that the camp is pure sh_ite as they've been in the field since they got there, so I feel a lot better. Again :D

    Now, if only the PSI would get the finger out and get my confirmation for the PTI course...