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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by the-rod, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. What are you entitled to as the accused in a civvy court case in regards to travel, accommadtion ect. I thought you were enititled to an assisting officer, travel to and from court, and put up in the nearest transit block. RAO's telt me basically fuuck off handle it yourself its civvy because the alleged offence was committed in a capacity as a private citizen but being in Germany is fuucking me over due to flights, private accomadation, return flights, court costs, and lawyers bill am looking at a close to 600 quid out of pocket. And if i don't turn it up its some a chargeable offence under QR para ? so doesnt that mean its a duty because if i dont go its a dereliction of duty ?
  2. What are you entitled to ......... a long stretch inside a victorian nick!

    I cannot believe that you would be so necky as to think that the public (MOD) should pay anything towards you appearing in court as an accused.

    or is this a wah??
  3. Maybe it was your duty to stay out of trouble?
  4. Paymaster and DarkNinja are jumping to conclusions.

    Are you guilty? Of what?

    Not that I'm going to give you any advice, but it'd be nice to hear your version before you get sent down.
  5. Why should i be necky ? Innocent until proven guilty and its her Majestys pleasure i'm in Germany not mine. I'm not guilty well thats the plea anyways up to the judge not me. Just the usual sqauddie bar brawl nothing like attempted murder. Sure I read in the discipline bulliton on DII the other month I'm due a military assisting officer, transit accommadation, and trooper flights ect.... thought there might be a few AGC on here that would know from experience. And anyone can put a complaint into the police that gets you hauled down into a station and charged not your fault if you were assualted and in the course of defending yourself you got arressted. Right to self defence article 51, card alpha thats my defence doing my duty to survive as a private citizen under attack in a bar up the town so away and smoke your wah !
  6. you are entitled to an assisting officer, and they get a flight at MOD expence.

    You have to pay your own way fella, if u submit a leave pass and have GYHO claim available to use you can submit that after your return
  7. OOh I think you will find it's presumed innocent till proven guilty!
  8. Another sterling piece of input, I bet you get invited to all the functions ;)
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    As Bipolar says you are entitled to an assisting officer who has his travel paid for. He can also claim relevant expenses.

    You, I am sorry to tell you are entitled to fcuk all. The way it's looked at is that you got yourself in the shite so sort it out yourself.

    Not the army's problem that your in Germany and the courst case is uk. However that was good advice about the leave claim, if of course you havn't claimed this year.

    For the full rules check out JSP 752.
  10. M'lud My client is guilty, he has been trusted with something sharp and has written a letter with it to admit his guilt, may I suggest that you fine him in his absence. I rest my case

    If not and you want to prove your innocence get off your arrse stump up the cost and plead your case.
  11. ok thanks for the get you home overseas tip didnt think i was entitled to that due to time served but i'll give it a go otherwise a few bills are going unpaid this month.
  12. Yep on the committee
  13. Why a lawyers bill? You are entitled to legal aid.

    I trust that your solicitor is also versed in military law and is aware of the new directives over-riding JSPs which will mean guys being chucked out with certain sentences.
    As to entitlements - none. you are assigned a Unit Assisting Officer, although his role is different from the UDO at Ct Martial.
    The costs of travel etc are yours - though many I have dealt with stay over in accomodation. Keep all receipts though. If the case is discontinued or you are found guilty you are entitled to a Defendant's Costs Order reclaiming all travel and accomodation expenses but nothing else.
  14. That's the trouble with this society - the guilty get the benefits and the innocent get sweet FA. ;)