Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by niknok01, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Hello.
    I'm sure this thread has probably been exhuasted already. However i would like to know peoples experiences of working for and dealing with the many civilian contractors working in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    The reason for asking is that I am seriously thinking of applying for a job with KBR in their logistics set up.
  2. If there is nothing to keep you at home I would say go for it. Read and understand your contract before leaving and make sure your family is looked after if the worst happens to you.

    Pay is great of course, have a chat with your tax man before you go so you understand exactly how hard you will be hit. There are qualifying periods to go tax free. I would recommend you seek advice from a professional.

    Don't take a gentlemans agreement or a secret handshake as gospel. If its not written down then it never happened. These contract companies are, of course, in the business of making money, and they "potentially" make a lot more money by taking people for a ride.

    In short, watch your back, know your contract, know your pay and know your benefits.

    Most importantly, if you have family, please make sure your affairs and benefits are in order, because if you do pop your clogs, nobody else will give a damn.
  3. I am currently out of work. I have 3 and half years experiance as an alarm intruder engineer. I am currently seeking employment abroad in afgan or iraq. Doing any role. Have no commitments in uk and Im looking to get away working. My email address is
    any help or advice would be great.
  4. KBR are not the most popular - or best paying contractor, Imagine "Billy-Bob" in his stetson and dungarees at Baghdad Airport. I'm about a year out of date but the average KBR salary for US staff was around $8000 per month, you can easily double that with another company.

    If you're looking for a security role there's a list of security companies Here they also need loggies and signallers so worth a go
  5. There was an article in a Boston (MA, US) newspaper last week about the problems some contractor employees are having. Apparently US companies have set up subsidiaries in places like Dubai and the fine print on the contract sets forth that you are an employee of the Dubai subsidiary, that all claims and actions against the company will be in Dubai courts under Dubai law.

    I have no idea if UK companies are doing this but it might be something to check.
  6. Yup
    A lot of Uk companies normally deal through a subsidiery company based in Jersey, Isle Of Man, Cyprus, I've also worked for a Swiss based company. The way it works is that you sign a contract with the offshore company and they hire you out to the company that needs you, not illegal, just a tax dodge on their part
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Does the fact that the companies operate out of Dubai affect the pay rates
    The reason I ask is that I was offered a job in Baghdad working for a 'Dubai' based company
    The wage was £32k I was earning that here plus my overtime and pension I would have been worse off
  8. Not that much! Doesn't sound like a job worth getting out of your armchair for.
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Thats what I thought so I sat back down again :D

    But then I read that bird who got caught shagging on the beach in Dubai was on £28k and that seemed a good wage out there from what the papers where saying

    Ok if your single I suppose but no good to send some home out off
  10. Many thanks for all replies to my post , much appreciated .
    Anyway can anyone out there in arsse land reccomend any companies or job agencies that recruit for support jobs in Afghanistan or Iraq.
    Thanks again
  11. Try
  12. Sorry to bump the thread but it is a bit out of date. Anyone have recent experiences working in the sandy place?
  13. Try KBR UK, I was one of them, averaged about £9,500 per month, saying that, I do know that wages have now gone down