Civvy contract negotiation with the TA in mind…

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goku, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. 3 years and a bit after graduating I’m finally getting out of the contracting game and am now beginning to negotiate my first permanent contract.

    All other details aside I’m wondering if and, if so then, how I should try to work the TA into my new contract.

    I gather, both from ARRSE and the chaps at my unit, that employers have various trains of thought when it comes to us.
    From the sounds of things some employers give a few extra days paid leave for annual camp, others give unpaid leave, and the remainder give bugger all.

    Is there any kind of legal requirement for my employer to give me extra time off, be it paid or unpaid, or is this purely down to their generosity?

    With regards to job security and mobilisation…
    My employer already knows I’m with the TA but there is no record of this other than a single sentence on my CV.
    Would it be worth me getting them to acknowledge this in my contract so that when I do eventually deploy they wont be able to try and demote/sack me under the pretence that they never knew it was a possibility, or would I be better off just keeping quiet about the whole thing.

    Any feedback/comments from the voices of experience would be much appreciated.
  2. Speak to Sabre. They should be able to give you the official line.

    Contact details on the web or through your unit.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Is your permanent contract to be with the firm you current contract to? If it is, a quick email/chat with the HR department asking for confirmation of their policy on reserve service is a good start point. If they do not have one, suggest that you would be willing to work with them in order to establish one. You can also refer them to SABRE who have a reservist friendly pre prepared policy statement on their website.

  4. The requirement for members of the reserve forces (and, I think, the cadet forces) is that the employer must provide one weeks paid leave and one weeks unpaid leave for the employee to attend annual camp. IIRC its prescribed under the Reserve Forces act.

    For the provision of the requirement the employer is eligable for activitys like 'Executive Stretch', a teambuilding event run by SABRE, which is quite a good return on investment.

    As has been said, SABRE is your best contact for full details.
  5. I'm a contractor and I work for my own company, so I am my own boss and contarct my services out to my clients, the company I do work for is my client not my boss if that helps

    Time off for TA work ? As much as you want mate, the only issue is you don't paid for it. just be careful of the finer details of the contract like no holidays in last month of quarter that sort of thing.

    Edited to say: I'm a mong as I didn't read the first post properly, sorry
  6. I’m due to go permanent with my current employer.
    It’s an international firm and this side of the pond I’m the only reservist, so I doubt there’s any policy in place yet.
    The HR department is a 3 woman team, of which one is a cadet AI, which hopefully will work in my favour.

    I’ll have a chat with SABRE before I approach HR.
    I’m not due to go full time for another 2 months and so far I’ve only been asked to state what kind of salary I want. There’s plenty of time to work on them.

    Is Executive Stretch free to employers of reservists?
    I was under the impression they paid quite well to come and play, are there any other incentives I can tempt them with?
  7. Afraid not... I've just visited the SABRE website...
    (My bold)

  8. Utter nonsense! There is NO requirement for employers to give members of the reserve forces any time off (paid or unpaid) unless they are mobilised - and that doesn't include annual camp.

    On whether or not to tell your employer - if your contract is over 6 months you have no choice. Under "employer notification" your unit will write to your employer unless you have obtained a waiver. take a look at
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    There is no requirement whatsoever for any employer to give anyone time off for Reserve Service. This may be bad news, but it is certainly the truth.

    Menawhile, Goku, do get in touch with SaBRE. Apart from anything else, they are entirely run (apart from the boss) by some of the best looking Women in London!

    (They are all trained, highly intelligent, and all that nonsense, but that doesn't matter!)
  10. Not free but very much cheaper than most training courses (about £100 I think). Info on

    There's a section on the sabre site about benefits to employers
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Exec Stretch in Londist is £200 per person, which for a 36 hour event is significantly cheaper than any private "outward bound" course would be. PM me if you want the name of a contact for it - they will gladly send you an info pack.