Civvy camo smock?

Wasn't sure where to post this, so please move it to the QM's if that's better.

I'm looking for a new jacket in a civilian camo pattern (Mossy Oak or perhaps Realtree) and ideally I'd like one cut to a similar pattern as the smock I've already got (windproof smock type thingy by Tacgear with loads of pockets).

Is there such a thing available anywhere? Or will I have to make do with something else?

I could also take the badges off the one I already have and just use that, but I'm not sure that I fancy using military gear for stalking/rough shooting.

Any ideas, or opinions guys?



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My local kit shop (in POMPEY) does windproofs in real tree (or whatever commercial cam it is) I'm sure an internet search will find any number of these things for sale.
Nah, I've had a Barbour before. Good solid jackets, but if you're active at all you end up wet through.

I'm after something similar to the smock I already have, but preferrably in a civvy camo pattern like Mossy Oak, failing that I may settle for OD.

Actually I just saw one in OD for sale dirt cheap at a German surplus place, but as it's online I've no idea of the quality. Anyone seen these in the flesh?
Got a Jack Pyke smock myself, actually not a bad bit of kit, use it for decoying and a reasonable price too at £52

First thing I did was take the front epaulette off, thinking "What the feck is THAT all about?"