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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Proximo, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. get the Household Division to stop using fur.

    Well honestly.



    Click here for more dullardy.

    Sorry if bindun.
  2. Does this class as tits out ofr the lads or for the bears?
  3. As if that will stop them!


    Nice smile though!
  4. Bothered. They look like 'orrible norks anyway. I thought all fur for the silly hats came from culled bears? Ergo, HMG is in fact being *green* and saving the planet by reducing the amount of bear carcasses in landfill sites. Which brings me to my original point - This bird has manky norks and a forehead you could land the Shuttle on.
  5. Show some respect guys. Not only is her dad, Jasper Carrott, one of my all time anti-heroes but much more importantly, she was the original Hayley in The Archers and a very funny one too. All together now: Tum ti tum ti tum ti tum. Tum ti tum ti tum tum... (The Mornington Crescent lot will know what I mean.)

  6. 1) Flappy baps 2) Steewpid cause 3) is associated with PETA. That bumps her right in to my top twenty 'people to scorn' list. And she has a f'in huge forehead. Must be at least part spaccer.
  7. As long as there's an even number of them and they don't have inverted nipples they're great.
  8. What a complete load of nonsense. The Army should grow a set of swingers and tel PETA to get to fu@K. First of all there is nothing unethical or cruel about killing an animal as long as it is done quickly and eficiantly. secondly each year more than enough bears have to be culled to put a new hat on each guardsman in the devision. These clowns are beyond beleif.
  9. Actually, looking at the poster I can see that PETA are offering the use of naked women instead of bearskins. This is a fantastic idea, and can only serve to increase the number of recruits to the Guards regiments.

    I suppose that these women will have to be specially chosen for their sense of balance, as I'm sure it will be difficult for them to sit on the Guardsmens' heads for hours at a time.

    I for one will be sure to watch the changing of the guard in future if this is introduced.

    Thank you PETA.

  10. "Join the Army, and have a naked lass sit on your face!"
  11. Why don't the Army make a poster with a Guardsman on it, then underneath..

    "The bears get shot regardless, so why shouldn't we wear them as hats?"

    Maybe someone in the Meedja Cell could do that better.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Other stars who have spoken out include
    Pamela Anderson - Talentless internet porn slapper,
    Sadie Frost - Talentless lesbian druggie slapper,
    Mary McCartney - Talentless veggie beatles daughter
    Twiggy - Talentless model / actress yet I can only remember M&S advert and 5 minutes in the Blues Brothers
    ,Julian Clary - Talentless poof
    Sir Roger Moore - Old actor let him off because of the wild Geese
    Jilly Cooper - writes Horse Porn
    Amanda Holden Talentless 'actress' more famous for shagging actors than her 'work'
    And as mentioned Jasper Carrots daughter famous as the fat receptionist out of the Office

    Reckon the Houshold Div should be able to take them easy enough

    Oh and this from the PETA site
    "Bears are not killed to fulfil MoD requirement for skins, we buy off the market approximately 50 pelts a year."
  13. hmm yes - women whose eyes are closer together with a low brow are generally less critical and demanding - :) figures
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    bollocks. This is up there with saying "I'm going to kill you" when what you mean is "I am going to give you my best Lee Van Cleef stare then walk away".

    If she really wants to change centuries of tradition, wheres the nekked pictures?

    Angry of Andover.
  15. Any one who has Jasper Carrot for a dad can't be all bad, give the girl a chance.