Civvy Attitudes to Forces

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Infiltrator, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. I have recently moved units, and my new unit will not accept dependants at the Medical Centre.
    This was a new one to me, as previous med centres would accept dependants with no problems. A sympton of the drawdown of DMS I suppose.
    Anyway, she has been trying to get a civvy doctor now for over a month. The majority of surgeries are all full and will not accept her.
    At long last she was given the details of a surgery that had vacancies. She took time off work and went there yesterday morning. The place was a right chavscum dump. Full of unemployed and the unemployable.
    When she approached the counter and explained why she was there, she was told "we don't register except on a Thursday between 1 and 3pm". Mrs I explained that she works for a living and would find it very difficult to get time off at those times for several weeks. "Not our problem". Mrs I then asked why it was a problem as there were 4 staff there, and all were just gassing and drinking tea. It wasn't as though they were rushed off their feet or anything. She had all the appropriate documentation, medical card, passport, birth certificate, driving licence for proof of address etc.
    One of the staff asked her where she was living. "On RAF *******" she replied. Two of the staff then just tutted. When my wife asked what was wrong, one of them looked down her nose at her and said "You lot are just an admin nightmare, the way you move around the place all the time. You'll have to come back on Thursday and if we have time we will see if we can register you".

    When she told me about this I was all for going down there and punching someones lights out.

    Why is looking after my family such a burden? My wife has been really understanding about my career. She has worked all her life, and now pays huge amounts of Tax (she is on the higher rate) and of course her stamp. But now the NHS doesn't seem to want her and the local civvies just think she is a pain in the Arrse! Boy was I mad yesterday! Not happy now though.
  2. Absolutely dreadful, I can sympathise, although I have never had problems quite that bad.

    Write to your MP and local NHS Trust, detail in a letter to the Practice Manager and copy the letter to your MP and the NHS trust. Don't get mad with them, they will simply use that as an excuse to refuse registration.
  3. Although IMHO, I would try to find another surgery to register at. If this is how the receptionists are, then I should imagine that is a reflection of the physicians they work for.
  4. Init! Tossers!

    I've written to my MP before, in my experience they were very helpful!
  5. Go down there on Thursday and wipe them all out, every last one of them.

    then burn the surgery down
  6. To be honest, and it does stink, thems the rules. Medical admin staff are famous for sticking blindly to the rules because that's the law.

    Your Missus should have asked to speak to the Practise Manager and explained her situation.

    I wouldn't bother trying to find another surgery as it took so long to find one in the first place. Tough it out and make sure she is the first one in the que on Thursday. Her employer will understand as it is a medical reason rather than taking time off to, say, have her nails done.
  7. Where do they get these people from?

    Is there a special training school they all get sent to in order to perfect the snide, pedantic bitchery and wilful idiocy that is so often evident?.

    After a very annoying fiasco that took ages to sort out my wife was told that she was entirely to blame. Her crime? She and my eldest son have the same initials and there was "nothing to distinguish them" in the electronic records.

    Apart from sex, date of birth and NHS number of course. GP apologised but seems powerless to exert any control over the evil old witches.
  8. Yep,

  9. This is surely symptomatic of the times. If people can sit on their arrses instead of working, they'll do it. It's the easy option. Like the good Infiltrator said, the place was full of chavs and the great unwashed and unemployable.

    I suggest that some of these lazy motherxxxers got over the counter, did away with the real receptionists and ate the biscuits! :D

    Seriously, if Forces dependants can't get a good service, WTF can?
  10. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    As the advice says, dont get mad, get yourself sorted.

    Step 1
    Make a complaint locally. First step is to call in or call up the practice and ask politely if they have a formal complaints procedure. This will normally put the shitters up people so you might not have to go further. If not, just simply follow the procedure, which will normally be in writing. Keep copies and make sure that you put a time limit on what you see as a reasonable expectation. For example, I expect this issue to be dealt with within x days of the date of this letter. Setting expectations is important and lets them know what will happen next.

    If it is a decent size practice it will have a person dedicated to handling the complaint, the smaller one wont but they will all have a procedure. This may involve a mediator.

    If you dont get satisfaction go to step 2

    Step 2
    The Healthcare Commission

    These look at complaints and carry out an independant review

    Healthcare Commission - Complaints

    Step 3
    Health service ombudsman
    The Health Service Ombudsman
    Millbank Tower
    SW1P 4QP

    Tel: 0845 015 4033
    Minicom: 020 7217 4066

    You will also be able to get help with your issue by using the Independant Complaints Advisory Service. Although might not be able to get directly involved with the complaint they will be able to offer more help than most

    Details below

    0845 120 3784

    0845 600 8616

    Eastern (Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire)
    0845 456 1082

    Eastern (Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk)
    0845 456 1084

    Eastern (Essex)
    0845 456 1083

    South West
    0845 120 3782

    West Midlands
    0845 120 3748

    East Midlands
    0845 650 0088

    North East
    0845 120 3732

    North West
    0845 120 3735

    0845 120 3734

    This kind of shite gets my fcuking blood boiling, good luck
  11. You know it makes sense!
  12. dried up menopausal, harridans on GP receptions are the bain of my life

    Stab their fecking eyes out
  13. Sadly this happens to civvies doctors receptionist's aren't known for their good manners or flexibility.

    A few years ago I has cause to take my mother (she is disabled) on a pre-booked doctors appointment unfortunately, due to her confused state she was unsure of the day and time so therefore I paid a quick visit to the doctors surgery to confirm the dates & times.

    I was informed by the receptionist that I could not be party to that information and that my mother would have to phone them herself which she did.

    My main points are this

    1) My mother & myself are local the receptionist knows me, and also my mothers confused state

    2) I am aware of the Data Protection Act I use at work-however, in some case's we are allowed to exercise discretion -this should have been done in my mothers case IMHO.

    3) I had to take time of for the appointment

    What has happened in the orginial thread should never have taken place.
  14. The problems will start once she has registered.
    First of all she will need to book an appointment when she is sick, however you can only get an appointment by calling first thing in the morning, once her call is answered she will be told that there are no available slots left, they have a slot next Wednesday though. (how can this be so when she called at 0800 on the dot).
    Once she is allowed to make an appointment they will ask her why she wants the appointment!!! (what the Fukc they need to know on the front desk is beyond me).
    The problem you have is like was said before "You have a job" you need to see a doctor only when you are really sick and not just to be signed off to get benefits, mobility, and what ever else you can for nothing. You only pay your full dues in tax and national insurance. Why should you expect a proper service. It really pi**es me off
  15. Nosey is one way of classing them, i remember about 5 years ago i had to get some test and i went to the doctor to get my results with the receptionist deciding she was more than capable of telling me i had diabetes and that i had to come back the next day, so i just left thinking great.
    Get a call 30 mins later with my doctor telling me the stupid bitch got the results wrong and she doesn't know how to interpret them and she shouldn't have even been looking at them and everything was fine. :roll: