Civvy 40-55 litre rucksack

I'm looking around for a reasonably good quality daysack. I find anything below 35 litres too small, but already have a 65-80 litre rucksack that's too big and heavy for a day trip or when I don't have tent, rollmat etc hanging off it like a gypsy's caravan.

I generally like Berghaus and Karrimor, but will go for anything quality.

Very few rucksacks seem available at the moment in the size range, the ones that are don't have good side pockets on them. Perhaps I'm just a tw@t, but I like having well sized side pockets to square away some of the sh*t I want to get to more easily.

So does anyone have any recommendations? My maximum spend is hopefully £60, £40 would be trouser ruining as it would leave me more beer tokens for said walking trip.
wg100 said:
I've got a karrimor sabre 45. You can attach issue side pouches to it. Very robust. Available in DPM or OG.
£60 is the cheapest I could find that. With sidepouches it's £30 more. I know they're very good, but it's out of my price range
I've got the 35L version of this and it performs damned well. Very comfortable and durable.
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