Civvvies no sense of humour on facebook

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. A mate of mine from school put on his FB status - Thanks to all my family for espically to my mum etc etc after coming out from hospital.

    I wrote. Glad your ok buddy and your safely home. I take the sex change op was a success and now do you wish to be called christine??

    After a rant at me online he deleted me - miserable bastard.

    Whats your tales of FB naughtness that hath people moan at you......

    I say fuck em - cant take a joke - dont be my friend!!!!
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  2. Facebook.

    What a joke.

    That is all
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  3. Many a time people have deleted me because they cant take a joke, or they cant stand debate. Miserable cunts.
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  4. My friend set up a bbq event and a complete stranger replied. Those with invites to the event which was in the public domain enquired who she was. I responded that it was a pro my mate had hired for the bbq. The girl in question took great offence as did her friend who demanded that I apologise. Told them to fuck off and they should not be posting in public forums
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  5. I don't do facebook.If this is what it is all about,glad I didn't bother.
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  6. Made a joke about how I prefer to say "struggle snuggle" instead of rape and a girl I went to college with who is now part of a rape investigations department for our local counstabulary had a massive rant at me for saying it's attitudes like mine that prevent victims from comming forward after attacks.
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  7. Sounds a great fucking laugh to me, I might make one up just to annoy cunts. :)
  8. Facebook where you never know who your friends are!
  9. X59

    X59 LE

    Mate of mine decided he'd had enough ale and bailed from the local pub, leaving his smart phone loafing on the bar.

    Despite the protests from his REAL friends, I proceeded to send a text to his entire contacts file, that it was time to come out of the closet, admit being gay and offer up some arse action. No great shakes, we've all done it. ( hijack a mobile phone, not come out of the closet etc etc !).

    In a moment of clarity I remembered that he's always on facebook, and how funnier his outing would be on there.

    It was. He received a couple of hundred messages before he could get his (apparently now gay) arse back to the pub and reclaim the phone now innocently laying on the bar.

    He didn't flash, but was very close. No sense of humour.
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  10. We now seem to have regt sneckers who tell tales about what you post on FB. Cunts the lot of them! I removed 400+ from mine and when I finish in 18 months I'll remove a lot more. I use it mainly to get the blokes to where they need to be, read orders, no need it'll be in FB later!
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  11. There was a cunt who did that to me after I posted what a fucking walting mong he was. The twat turned up wearing a full screw slide just because he passed a course (6 months later and he is still a LCpl!CUNT!)
  12. I don't know what it is lately but Facebook is awful these days! If the precious cunts are not bad enough, grief whoring has become an Olympic sport on there!
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  13. Some matelot bint, via a member of the group, invaded our facebook group me and my oppo's use to organize our trip to the army navy game.

    She got the hump when I told her it was blokes only unless she had a box at twickenham, and she dripped to the existing member that I told her I wanted to stand in her box at twickenham.
  14. To which you replied, "And that would be a bad thing because...?":twisted:
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  15. If you make them orgasm they don't complain anyway.