Civvies wearing token bits of uniform.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chamooooone, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. I was waiting on at a party last night, in aid of breast cancer awareness. So he room was full of women as you can imagine, (I managed to pull the ginger barmaid...which is not as bad as it sounds)

    Anyway, they organised a couple of male strippers and one of them was wearing a CS95 jkt with lightweight trousers, and a Royal Sigs beret! I couldnt beleive it.

    And I've just been informed that some cnut from the boyband Blue was on some tv show with a R Sigs #1 jkt on.

    Is there nothing we can do to stop this going on, or am I just ranting because I'm hung over?

  2. TopMan in Brum went through a phase last year of selling 2s jackets, some of them complete with rank badges, regimental insignia and medal ribbons. I was outraged for about 30 seconds before my eyes naturally drifted towards the bottoms of passing emo boys and I forgot all about it...
  3. Civvies wearing ex-mil camo without insignia = ok
    Civvies walting it with all the insignia on it = twats.

    sorted :)
  4. He looked like Chris Kamara!!
  5. Fuck me, not exactly walting is it a R Sigs beret?
  6. When you get one who looks like Lil Chris, let me know. He can wear any fcuking beret he likes...
  7. seen a bloke wearing a 2s jacket with loads of medal ribbons on a few weeks back, he looked a right tw@. Thought it was a bit disrespectfull to be honest.

    Also one of my mates has got a kind of designer shirt that is sort of camo/army style complete with para wings on it.

    tried to tell him about it, but he's a civvie and just doesnt understand.
  8. Just go up to him slap him around a lot and rip the BBC from his jacket. It has to be earned not bought from some shite man's store.
  9. Oi cnut.

    Anyway, I confess to wearing military clothing now that I am a civvy.

    I wear my Norgy shirt for my commute up the A3 on my bike. I have oher coldy stuff, but the Norgy is the best.

    No R Signals beret.
  10. Looking at the title of this, I thought for a moment it was about cadets or the OTC... :twisted:

    Civilians do all sorts of stupid things (I believe some of them actually watched Big Brother :roll: ); just point at the offending article, make some to-the-point comment ("wannabe twat") and walk on.
  11. Chap on Universtity Challenge last week wearing an RAF Corporal's No.2 tunic with a huge red mohican to go with it.
  12. Yeah, but he was probably still serving.
  13. I think scruffy little pseudohippies wearing winter camo is quite funny. If you kicked them they wouldn't even make a real hippy sound.
  14. As far as i'm aware, the RAF doesn't really allow giant red Mohican's....

    It colour clashes with the blue uniform darling. :wink:
  15. I used to be involved with the scouting movement (stands by for incoming) and another adult used to wear a smock with a captains rank badge on the collar. got all arsey when i asked him to take it off. Civies just dont understand that people work realy hard to get rank (though not in the case of captain it seems). They also dont know that it is illegal to wear medals and ribbons that dont belong.

    More education on the armed forces needed, bring back national service!
    Rustles the daily mail.